10 Worst Crazy Pranks to Pull on Your Brother

How much do you love your brother?

What better way to showcase sibling love than to play a nasty prank on your brother. No, really. In truth, sibling relationships are one of the steadiest and extremely enjoyable relationships that one can ever have. It is not stressful, holds no pressure, and with a healthy degree of familiarity all boxed in a love and hate relationship between siblings who have no choice but to accept, live, and love another.

Moreover, April Fools’ Day is a perfect day to show some sibling love by trying any one of these pranks on your unassuming brother. This promises to be a lot of fun!

10. Sudden Growth

The trick here is to first spot your brother’s favorite pair of shoes. Then, stuff the toe end with cotton, tissue, or fine paper. Make sure that the stuffing is good and that your brother will not suspect anything weird going on. When he puts on his shoes, they will suddenly not fit, creating a mix of annoyance and puzzlement in him.

9. Not Strong Enough

Locate your brother’s personal shampoo or deodorant from among the toiletries. Then, use quick-dry glue and put a generous spread of it on the cap and the surface of shampoo hole or deodorant ball. Once your brother attempts to use it, watch as he gives all his might in opening the shampoo or deodorant. The shampoo should be extra special as he is already naked in the shower and probably all wet by then.

8. No Foam Soap

This trick works best if you have a brother that uses toiletries in a messy manner. Put some nail polish on his bath soap and allow it to dry. The effect of the nail polish on the soap is that it will not work on a lather even when wet. Your brother will surely be annoyed and freaked out about it when he takes a bath.

7. Colorful Shower

This trick involves you messing up with the bathroom shower. Unscrew the shower head and put a colorful powdery substance to it – say powdered juice like Tang or Eight O’Clock. Then, put the screw back on as if nothing happened. Once your brother takes a bath and opens the shower, the sticky and colorful liquid will stay with him for quite some time.

6. Boxer Trouble

Boxer shorts have a hole or an opening in front of the genital area that is used by boys in the restroom to be able to urinate more quickly. Sew this hole in such a way that it closes. Then offer your brother a lot of liquids to drink. As he heads to the toilet to urinate, he will have trouble since the hole in his boxer shorts are sewn and closed.

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5. Icy Cereal

This is a prank that is ideal during breakfast. The night before, prepare your brother’s favorite cereal. However, once the cereal is ready to be served, put it in the fridge and serve it to him the following day over breakfast. As the cereal and the milk in it are both cold, this is guaranteed to give him a brain freeze.

4. Sticky Shower Gel

This trick works best if you know that your brother prefers to use liquid soap in the shower. The prank is actually simple. All you need to do is put syrup instead of shower gel on the container. When your brother uses it while taking a bath, he is surely bound to get the shock of his life and you – the revenge of your life!

3. Scratch Your Nose

This prank is both very easy and very funny. While sleeping, out some shaving cream or toothpaste on your brother’s palms – carefully so as not to wake him up. Then, watch as he attempts to scratch his nose while sleeping. He will wake up in shock and probably, out of anger.

2. The Hot Seat

Pour a generous amount of warming ointment on the toilet bowl minutes before your brother uses it. Once he uses it, he will not notice anything nasty after a minute or two. But later on, he will be in extreme agony.

1. The Other Girlfriend

This is a prank that works 99.9% of the time. When you meet your brother’s girlfriend, mention that you have heard so much about her – but make sure that you voice out the wrong name. After you have done the damage, walk away and watch as your brother’s girlfriend grills him. Just make sure to apologize and take the prank back after.

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