Can Protest be Bizarre- You Will Swear by These 10 Most Bizarre Protests in the World

Protests are the modern way by virtue of which the common people seem to depict their disliking for an opinion or perhaps any such instance that does not quite go in accordance with the needs. While the depiction of moderate to severe protests has been a rather “common adventure” in this recent period of time, sometimes, these very protests seem to facilitate a bizarre scenario.

Have a look to them:

10. Protest against custody laws by dressing up like superheroes

Protest against custody laws by dressing up like superheroes

Conducted by divorced dads, Jolly Stanesby, and Eddie Goreckwi, this protest was though bizarre, yet amusing too. They reported dressed like superheroes and went up to their rooftops. They portrayed a banner, which read, “A father is for life, not just conception.” The protest was basically against the federal law system prevailing under the court of justice for the biased law on custody of the child.

9. Protest by throwing shoes against President Bush

Protest by throwing shoes against President Bush

An Iraqi journalist had thrown both of his shoes at the president of the USA, George Bush as a protest against the atrocious military acts and killings of hundreds in Iraq. The shoes were basically a “farewell gift” to the president for having killed thousands of young children and thousands of women in the act of war. The name of the journalist was Muntadhar al-Zaidi. The act earned him international fame as he was proclaimed a heroic individual for standing up against an “American Bully.”

8. “Slutwalk”, the Global movement

“Slutwalk”, the Global movement

After the controversial statement made by the Toronto Police Constable on the incident of campus rape, which stated that “woman should avoid dressing like sluts to avoid getting victimized”; the common people, including major proportions of women dressed in provocative clothing, triggered a mass protest against this commonly prevalent “blaming the victim perception”. The people gathered in large numbers and protested in an organized fashion. This movement was initiated to portray the common mindset of people whereby usually the female victim is blamed owing to their dressing styles.

7. Going Naked rather than wearing fur, the global movement

The movement was initiated by activists of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), a global organization well known for their spree of protests against the unethical slaughter and hunting of domestic and wild animals. The activists went naked for supporting their point of view, which included the protest against the use of leather products and wearable items to depict fashion since it included the slaughter of animals as well. The verses prevalent were “I would go naked rather than wearing fur”.

6. Spraying of in Belgium

Spraying of in Belgium

This protest was led by the milkman and farm owners in Belgium against the dropping in milk prices in the country. This was a counter measure against growing inflation in the country, which resulted in substantial losses to the milk suppliers. Around 200-3000 dairy farmers gathered for the protests where they sprayed off liquid milk on the government authorities. Some farmers also brought their cows to the arena and depicting open protests by spraying milk off the animal’s mammary glands. The protest took an ugly turn when the farmers burned hay, tires and threw bottles at the police. The cows became extremely nervous with such an unruly situation and thereafter chased the people across the street in madness. A few serious injuries were also reported.

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