India’s 10 Most Beautiful Railway Stations in 2015

Transportation is not a problem in India. One very popular transportation method in the country is through trains. Yes, you read it right. Train is not only used in the past for transportation, it is widely used even up to now, and one of the countries to preserve this way of transportation is the beautiful India. In fact, there are around 8,500 railway stations in the country. In relation to this, here are 10 of the most beautiful railway stations in the country:

10. Ghum Railway Station

Ghum Railway Station

What makes this railway station is the fact that it is located in West Bengal, which is a hill region in India particularly in the locality of Darjeeling Himalayan. In entire India, this is the highest station that you can find. It has 2,258 meters of altitude.

9. Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station

Thiruvananthapuram Railway Station

This beautiful railway station started operating on November 4, 1931. It is located right there in the heart of Thiruvananthapuram City in the state of Kerala. Adding to the beauty of this station are the shopping mall, cafes, book shops, and internet-browsing centers.

8. Secunderabad Railway Station

Secunderabad Railway Station

This amazing railway station is one of the tourist destinations in India. It is the main railway station that can be found in Hyderabad City. It was built way back in the year 1874 through the efforts of Hyderabad State’s Nizam. Hence, such station is one product of India’s rich history.

7. Char Bagh Railway Station

Char Bagh Railway Station

Its name “Char Bagh” is actually taken from the name of the beautiful 4 gardens that existed here before this railway station was built. Its architectural design is absolutely breathtaking. It’s located in the city of Lucknow in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

6. Dudhsagar Railway Station

Dudhsagar Railway Station

There’s no question why it is one of the most beautiful railway stations in India since it is exactly located right there near the world-renowned Dudhsagar Falls. The station is also surrounded with abundant greenery, making your eyes relaxed and completely entertained.

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