Know 10 of the Most Corrupt Police Forces in the World

Corruption is one of the foremost problems of every country in the world. It is the problem that every country is dealing with in any form and Police corruption is a form of corruption in which the law enforcers accept the enticement and bribery and in this return they doesn’t punish the powerful person. There are several police officers and forces which are most corrupt among the world.

These police forces which are most corrupt in the world are listed

10. Pakistan Police

Pakistan Police

Pakistan Police is one of the most corrupt police forces in world. Pakistan police is considered to be the most corrupt sector in the Pakistani Government by the people of Pakistan. Brutality, extortion and bribery are some of the cases of corruption that are practiced by the Pakistan Police Force.

9. Russian Police

Russian Police

Russian Government and also the department of Police in Russia are no more innocent against corruption. Arresting innocent people, bribery, extortion, brutality and several other crimes are also practiced by the Russian Police Force in order to achieve their monthly quotas and to meet the both ends meet.

8. Sudan Police

Sudan Police

Next on the list are the Sudan police that are reported to be one of the most corrupt Police Forces in the world. Corruption among police is the main problem in Sudan that the people of Sudan are facing at individual and as well as at business level. Sudanese police have been described to screw the bribes from the innocent people in order to purse up their own incomes.

7. Afghanistan Police

Afghanistan Police

Featuring next on the list is the Afghanistan Police that have been suggested to be the 7th most corrupt police force in the world. According to report of United Nations, only a few Afghani police report the cases in jail and often use the violation and other unfavorable means against guilty people and let them free. This corruption is getting even worse with the passage of time.

6. Somalia Police

Somalia Police

Police corruption is yet not unknown to Somalian Police. It is also the common problem in Somalia that cops are getting corrupt with the passage of time. The cops of Somalian police are involved in the crimes like bribery, harassment, extortion and steeling because the government of Somalia is not paying attention to the payment of the police forces.

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