The Top 10 Beautiful Beaches in the World 2015

Nothing is more thrilling and exciting going to a beach for some pass time. Sitting and enjoying the sea breeze and listening to the waves hitting the shore is just pure blissful. People usually visit beaches with their whole family or friends whether it is just a beautiful day or just a casual outing.

Below are a list of the top beautiful beaches one should visit in the world –

1. Ipanema Beach

This beach is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is an extremely beautiful view from the dazzling city of brazil. This beach is crowded at any time of the day and it’s famous for it’s beach parties.

Ipanema Beach

2. Anse Source d’ Argent

This beach is primarily located in La Digue, which is in the Republic of Seychelles. This beach surprisingly has pink sand . The very rare black paradise flycatcher bird is also found here, which makes this place extremely unique and special.

Anse Source d’ Argent

Anse Source d’ Argent

3. The Hidden Beach

The Hidden beach is a part of the Marieta Islands by Puerto Vallarta which is located in Mexico. There has been a long going rumor stating that this beach has been formed by the Mexican Military. Tourists or the local people have to pass by a water tunnel to get to this beautiful beach.

The Hidden Beach

The Hidden Beach

4. Plage de St. Jean

The plage de st. Jean is located primarily at St, Barth’s which is a part of the French Caribbean. The unique part of this beach is that it is located at the end of this island’s airport .

Plage de St. Jean

Plage de St. Jean

5. Mile Beach

The Mile Beach is located in Negril, which is a part of Jamaica. There are great cliffs on this beach which is extremely long and wide. The famous café on this beach is Rick’s Café which is stated to be the best beach bars of all times.

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