The World’s 10 Most Expensive Houses

Where do you live?

They say that one’s house tells people of what kind of person you are. Your place of abode refers to your personal space. It gives people an idea of what kind of life you live – your values, inclinations, favorites, and your personality.

But what if you happened to be one of the world’s richest? It is probably a given that you will be living in a luxurious house. But how luxurious can luxurious actually get?

This list lets you in on the 10 most luxurious and expensive houses in the world. Would you like to live in any of these houses?

10. 17 Upper Phillimore Gardens – London – $128 Million

17 Upper Phillimore Gardens

This house is owned by OlenaPinchuk, daughter of Ukraine’s second president and founder of the Anti-Aids foundation. This house has 10 bedrooms, an underground swimming pool, a cinema, and a panic room. Its exteriors are made up of marble and gold. Priceless artworks adorn the interior walls and bedrooms.

9. Kensington Palace – London – $140 million

Kensington Palace

This house is owned by Roman Abronovich, a Russian billionaire who happens to also own the Chelsea Football Club and Millhouse LLC. The house is extremely embellished with the finest adornments. It will also be renovated with an underground tennis court and an auto-museum within its premises.

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8. Seven The Pinnacle – Montana – $155 million

Seven The Pinnacle

The owner and developer of this property is Tim and EdraBlixseth, who also happen to be the developers of Yellowstone Club – a private ski resort for America’s ultra-rich. Membership and ownership of any property in Yellowstone, Montana is exorbitantly expensive – giving this ski resort an air of utmost exclusivity.

7. Hearst Castle – California – $191 million

Hearst Castle

Owned by historic American icon William Randolph Hearst, the castle’s claim to fame was that it was used as location for The Godfather films. Many VIP’s had been hosted by this ornate castle, including the late American President John F. Kennedy, Academy Award winning actor and superstar Clark Gable, and the late British war-era prime minister Winston Churchill.

6. Ellison Estate – California – $200 million

Ellison Estate

Owned by Oracle founder Larry Ellison, this Californian estate is 23 acres in land area. The mansion has ten buildings in total and it contains a koi pond, a man-made lake, a bath house, and a tea house. It is located in Woodside, California.

5. 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens – London – $222 million

18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens

Also located in the luxurious Billionaires’ Row in the heart of London, United Kingdom, this house is owned by manufacturing magnate Lakshmi Mittal. The mansion has 12 bedrooms, Turkish bathrooms, and a garage than can accommodate up to 20 cars. Mittal counts no less than Prince William and his wife Princess Kate Middleton as his neighbors.

4. Four Fairfield Pond – New York – $250 million

Four Fairfield Pond

This palace sits on 63 acres of prime land. It has 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, and a dining table that is 91 feet long. It also contains a bowling alley, tennis courts, a basketball court, and other squash courts. It is owned by Ira Rennert of the Renco Group. A bird’s eye view of the mansion is just simply breathtaking!

3. Villa Leopolda – France – $755 Million

Villa Leopolda

This vacation house located in the resort city of Cote d’ Azure in the south of France is owned by Lily Safra – a philanthropist based in Brazil. The property stands on 50 acres of land and contains a helipad, greenhouse, an outdoor kitchen and bedrooms that are truly larger than life. The late Alfred Hitchcock filmed his classic To Catch A Thief in this palace in 1955.

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2. Antilia – Mumbai, India – $1 billion


Unlike the many mansions and palaces featured in this list so far, this property sits on the crowded city of Mumbai – right in the middle of the urban jungle. Owned by the richest man in India, this property features eccentric architecture spread across 400,000 hectares and 27 stories. It has 3 helicopter pads and is maintained by 600 people. Parking is located underground.

1. Buckingham Palace – London – $1.55 billion

Buckingham Palace

The palace where the Queen of England lives is the most expensive property in the world. It has 775 rooms, a hundred bathrooms, 19 state rooms, and various offices. Queen Elizabeth II has made this her home since she started her reign in 1952.

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