Top 10 Amazing Things that are Best Made By Nature

Nature is filled with the best of memorabilia in terms of being lucid and wonderful. It is filled with an array of profound experiences, which are simply awe-inspiring with vast encompassment of elements that provide for ethnic incidences and beautiful phenomenon unknown to the common man. Beyond the convention of icebergs or the Aurora Borealis, there is something, which more than meets the eye in terms of human excitement.

Here is a list of the top 10 things, which will surely provide you with an ecstatic experience with nature:

10. Natural Salt-water fountain off the coast of Oregon

Natural Salt-water fountain off the coast of Oregon

The natural salt-water fountain is a spectacular view for the people who are in for something vicious and dangerous. This saltwater-fountain is more like a black hole for the sinking water. Imagine having thousands of gallons of water rushing through an enormous sink. Well, this place is surely a natural projection of that event itself, which necessarily gives the eerie feeling owing to its enormous display of almighty and nature’s power.

9. Giant Crystal Cave in Naica

Giant Crystal Cave in Naica

Situated in Naica, Mexico; this cave of crystals commonly referred as the “Cueva de los Cristales” is the largest crystal cave in the World. The atmospheric conditions within the cave make it the ideal place for the crystals to swarm in numbers and exponentially grow to staggering lengths. This, rather unusual phenomenon has been quite spontaneously being studied in by the scientists and researchers.

8. Lake Natron in Tanzania

Lake Natron in Tanzania

The “lake” is commonly referred to as the “lake that turns bodies into stone.” Upon visiting the place, one can see that the bodies of calcified animals are present. These animals are mostly birds of various intimidating species ranging from goose to flamingos and much more. It is a place for photographing the most unusual and intensive photographs with an appeal to them. The place does host an eerie atmosphere to itself given the fact that you get to be “surrounded” by a large number of mummified animals. However, the phenomenon can be traced to the high PH value of the water, which makes it extremely alkaline. The highest concentration of Sodium Carbonate is the reason for the mummification of the animals, not adapted to its severe alkalinity.

7. Frozen Air bubbles of the Abraham Lake

Frozen Air bubbles of the Abraham Lake

Alberta, Canada is home to the spectacular projection of events, which have made the appearance of solid air bubbles under a frozen lake one of the most intimidating events of nature. The phenomenon can be traced down to a spree of events starting with the release of methane gas from the crevice underneath. The repetition of events comprising of freezing and melting of these air bubbles causes awe-striking incidence, which needs to be seen in order to be believed. Over the years, a large number of international tourists are being drawn into this place as it has surfaced as a very intimidating tourist spot.

6. The “Ghost trees” in Pakistan

The “Ghost trees” in Pakistan

The ghost trees as they are commonly referred to in Pakistan, is basically a responsive action of some species of insects during a period of crisis. The mushy and darkish appearance of the trees is owing to the cobwebs build as nesting grounds for spiders. You heard it right; in this case, it’s the spiders who can be referred to as the “ghosts”. The spiders had made the webs as an act of survival during raging floods. The eerie feeling is all about the appearance, which makes the village in Sindh home to a spectacular phenomenon.

5. The Underground Natural Spring of Mexico

The Underground Natural Spring of Mexico

Cenote is referred to a sinkhole, which has been home to a natural underground spring. This rather unusual occurrence has been a result of geological events stretching across a period of millions of years. The collapse of the overhead limestone bedrock since the Eocene period can be traced as the inception of the events. Nevertheless, this place is home to a marvellous visual ecstasy that can be depicted by no other.

4. Aurora


Well, you could see this coming; right? It is of no wonder that this spectacular event is among the spree of most followed natural events across the world. Aurora is also known as the “Northern Lights” and it is a streak of diffusing panorama lighting stretching across the sky. It is pretty much feel of light dancing to the rhythm of music in a Beethoven symphony.

3. The glittering shores of Vaadhoo in Maldives

The glittering shores of Vaadhoo in Maldives

Remember the glittering island in Life of PI. Wouldn’t it be ecstatic to have the very same scenic beauty lived in real life. Well to the amazement of the common human perceptions, the Vaadhoo shoreline across the island of Maldives is home to this spectacular event. The event portrays a blue luminosity across the shoreline amidst the waves. This event is scientifically referred to as bioluminescence and is a product of microbial action from phytoplankton.

2. Volcanic Lightning in Iceland

Volcanic Lightning in Iceland

It is a natural phenomenon, which can be observed during a volcanic eruption. The resemblance of the phenomenon can be found with dark lightning prevalent in the comic books of X-Men. It is somewhat a manifestation of the lightning from Dark Matter something that you will have seen with the mutant named “Storm.” The phenomenon is created due to inter-particle collisions during a volcanic eruption, causing static charge disposals. It is better to view them as internal volcanic thunderstorms. The streak of lightning amidst the dark volcanic ash is nothing short of a scintillating view.

1. The Valley of Reflections, Bolivia

The Valley of Reflections, Bolivia

If you wish to see the sky under you, perhaps this is the place that will leave you spellbound. The following is incidentally a reflective salt plane at Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. The mass of land encompassed with reflective salt stretches over 10,500 Sq. Kms. The landscape offers a heavenly view and it seems to merge the heavenly reflections perfectly with the land.

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