Top 10 Beautiful Pakistani Female News Anchors

Just like any other countries, Pakistan is also embracing the media industry nowadays. In fact, there are a number of TV news channels operating in the country. This is why news anchors also become in-demand in this conservative country. These are made up of beautiful female news anchors, of course. Here are the top 10 of them:

10. Madiha Naqvi

Madiha Naqvi

His appearance in Dunya TV really contributed a lot in her overall popularity in the media industry of Pakistan. Before, she’s the top female news anchor Dunya TV has to offer. At present, she is working with GEO TV.

9. Maria Memon

Maria Memon

Since the year 2008, Maria Memon is one of the most beautiful Pakistani female news anchors. Currently, she’s 42 years old. Aside from being a news anchor, Maria is also a businesswoman and politician. She’s the spokesperson of the Pakistan Muslim League.

8. Sara Alfred

Sara Alfred

This gorgeous female news anchor in Pakistan started her career in the media industry since she was still 17 years old. She’s the first news anchor in Pakistan who is not a Muslim. She’s a Christian in religion. She experienced working in several news channels like Aaj TV, Waqt TV, Dunya TV, and GEO News. At present, she’s working in ARY News.

7. Quratulain Hassan

Quratulain Hassan

Her strong yet soft voice is her secret weapon in dominating the media industry of Pakistan as one of those beautiful female news anchors. For quite some time now, she’s working with ARY News Channel. She captures every viewer through her one-of-a-kind way of presenting the featured current news.

6. Iqra Shahzad

Iqra Shahzad

Before she became one of the gorgeous female news anchors in Pakistan, she still had the privilege to shine in the hosting industry. She hosted several TV programs in PTV. At present, she joins the beautiful group of news anchors in Dunya TV.

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