Top 10 Beauty Pageant Controversies Stirred World

Beauty pageant is already an integral part of many people’s lives all over the world. As a matter of fact, there are a number of beauty pageant contests worldwide that are held yearly. When talking about beauty pageant, people will surely think automatically about gorgeous smiles, beautiful faces, and glamour. However, little did you know that beauty pageant also became the center of controversies.

In relation to this, here are 10 beauty pageant controversies that stirred the interests of many people:

10. Prioritizing Her Own Son

Prioritizing Her Own Son

During the Miss World 1974 pageant, Helen Morgan who represented the United Kingdom was declared to be the winner. Even so, she chose to give up her crown and resigned to be the Miss World 1974 because she already had a son. She was the very first Miss World winner who resigned officially. The first runner-up, Anneline Kriel, from South Africa then took over the title.

9. Refusing to Wear Swimsuit

Refusing to Wear Swimsuit

This controversy was about the proclaimed winner of Miss America 1951, who was Yolande Betbeze Fox from the US state of Alabama. Aside from not wearing the required swimsuit outfit, she also talked against the idea of wearing swimsuits in beauty pageant competitions. Catalina Swimwear, which was the major sponsor of Miss America, didn’t find it nice withdrawing their sponsorship to the said pageant.

8. Dethronement of Miss Universe 2002

Dethronement of Miss Universe 2002

Oxana Fedorova was proclaimed winner in Miss Universe 2002 competition. She was the very first Miss Universe that Russia had. However, she was dethroned 4 months after she was proclaimed. Rumors said that she was pregnant, but the real reason was that she wanted to concentrate on her studies. Justine Pasek from Panama, who happened to be the first runner-up, took over the crown.

7. The Beauty Queen Who Gained Too Much Weight

The Beauty Queen Who Gained Too Much Weight

Alicia Machado from Venezuela bagged the Miss Universe 1996 title. However, the very controversial thing was that when she gained too much weight while she was still on her reign. This was the talk of the entire universe, to the extent that the Miss Universe organization thought of replacing her. But thankfully, Alicia retained her crown.

6. Sexually Assaulted Beauty Queen

Sexually Assaulted Beauty Queen

Linor Abargil from Israel was the winner of Miss World 1998 pageant. She became the global talk when she revealed that her travel agent named Uri Shlomo Nur raped her while they were in Milan, Italy. The suspect was then sentenced for 16 years of imprisonment, making her to be a global image in fighting against sexual violence.

5. The Very Controversial Miss America

The Very Controversial Miss America

In the year 1984, the very first American-African Miss America winner was crowned, and she was none other than Vanessa Williams. However, a serious dilemma happened in her career when several nude pictures of her were published in the Penthouse magazine. She lost her title because of that.

4. From Runner-Up to the Queen of Controversy

From Runner-Up to the Queen of Controversy

Carrie Prejean, who represented California in the Miss USA 2009 competition and became a runner-up eventually, gained international attention when her confirmed sex scandal spread. She was also criticized by many because of her anti same-sex marriage answer in the Q&A round in the said pageant.

3. Transgender Beauty Queen

Transgender Beauty Queen

Jenna Talackova, whom is a transgender beauty queen, joined Miss Universe Canada competition in 2012 but she was disqualified due to the fact that she’s a transgender. The Miss Universe Canada organization was then the subject of global criticism, allowing Jenna to join the said pageant eventually.

2. Racially Discriminated Miss America

Racially Discriminated Miss America

After being proclaimed as Miss America 2014, Nina Davuluri from New York, experienced racial discrimination. Some people said she was a Muslim extremist and a terrorist. Nina, who has an Indian heritage, was neither a Muslim nor an Arab. Despite it, Nina still managed to remain calm and dealt with it elegantly and professionally.

1. Wrong Winner Was Proclaimed

Wrong Winner Was Proclaimed

Last December 20, 2015, Miss Universe 2015 was conducted in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show became the center of global controversy when Steve Harvey, who happened to be the even host, wrongly proclaimed Miss Columbia as the winner. The real winner was Pia Alonzo-Wurtzbach, who represented the Philippines.

These are the 10 beauty pageant controversies that have shaken the entire world. This goes to show that beauty pageant is not just all about the glitz and glam.

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