Top 10 Best Airlines of United States 2015

In the long journey, customer’s satisfaction and their safety should be the foremost duty of any airline company. Besides this, service quality and the price have also a great influence on the customers’ satisfaction. The other most important thing in the ideal airline is the employees’ attitude and the accuracy of the service.

So below are mentioned few of many USA’s airlines that survived to get the position in the overall America in the best service and the best prices.

10. Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines, Inc. is the America’s low cost airline that stands on the position number 10th based on passenger’s views. As the number of passengers in the Spirit Airlines are almost 8,494,383 in 2015 according to the recent survey. The headquarters of these airlines are located in Florida. These airlines carry the scheduled airlines throughout the USA.

9. Aeromexico Airline

Aeromexico Airline

This Mexican airline carries almost 17.1 million passengers. It is based on Mexico City. This makes the Aeromexico stands on number 9th on the best most airlines of America. The Aeromexico covers almost 56 destination including central America, Europe and Asia.

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8. WestJet Airline

WestJet Airline

This airline carries almost 19.6 million passengers according to recent studies. It has hubs at Calgary International Airport and also at many other airports making it the number 8th best airline in the USA.

7. Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines

Alaska airlines are the seventh largest airlines of USA. This airline was founded in 1932 by McGee Airways. This airline carries 29.2 million passengers with about 880 departures every day. This airline is classified as the major carrier. This airlin4 has the customer’s satisfaction with 74 %.

6. JetBlue Airways

JetBlue Airways

This is the New York based airways that handles almost 32 million passengers with almost 825 departures every day. It is a low cost airway with the headquarters in Long Island City. It also maintains a corporate office in Utah.

5. Air Canada Airlines

Air Canada Airlines

This airline carries 38.5 million passengers. This airline carries 1500 daily departures worldwide. This airline was founded in 1937. The headquarters are located in Montreal, Quebec. The Air Canada is the 5th most popular airline of USA.

4. United Airlines

United Airlines

United Airlines are commonly referred to as “United”. It is the major airline carrier headquarters in Chicago. It carries 138 million passengers with more than 4 thousand departures daily. The United Airline stands on number 4th in the ranking.

3. Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

It is the major airline in USA. It is the world’s largest low cost carrier. It carries 135.7 million passengers with 3600 daily departures. This airline was established in 1967 and it adopted its present name in the year of 1971.

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2. Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines

Delta airline carries 171.3 million passengers. It is the major American airline with the headquarters in Georgia. The Delta Airline carries almost 5400 departures on a daily basis. It has hubs in many cities. And it stands on number 2nd on the ranking of the top most popular airline of America.

1. American Airlines

American airlines

American Airline has taken the top most spot in the ranking. It is the world’s largest airline by passengers flown and stands on number 2nd by the destinations. This airline handles 197.3 million passengers with almost 6500 departures on the daily basis. The American Airline is the founding member of the Oneworld airline alliance. Its hubs are located in many cities of USA including New York, Miami, Los Angeles and many others.

It is estimated that the North America region will grow by 3.3 % annually and in 2034 will carry a passengers of almost 1.4 billion, with the addition of 649 million passengers every year.

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