Top 10 Best Australian Bowlers in Ashes Series of All Time

Several years in the past until now, cricket has been played in England and Australia. This is one reason why Ashes series, which is a famous tournament for cricket, comes into existence. In this regard, here are the top 10 Australian with higher wickets in the Ashes series of all time:

10. G Giffen

This professional cricketer was born on March 27, 1859 in Norwood, South Australia. George Giffen played under South Australia in local tournaments, and he represented Australia in the international cricket matches. In the Ashes series, he acquired 101 wickets.

9. CTB Turner

November 16, 1862 was the exact date when Charles Thomas Biass Turner was born. He’s an Australian cricketer who acquired a lot of recognitions in the field of cricket. But on January 1, 1994, this excellent cricket player died. He was 81 years old at that time. His wickets in the Ashes series were 101.

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8. WJ O’Reilly

In the cricket world, William Joseph O’ Reilly is very famous for its nickname “Tiger O’Reilly. He was born on December 20, 1905. Right after he retired from playing cricket, he became a broadcaster and writer that covered cricket matches. He had a total of 102 wickets in the Ashes series.

7. CV Grimmett

His real full name is Clarence Victor Grimmett. He was born on December 25, 1891. This excellent player of Australian cricket team is actually a New Zealander-born. His death can be dated back to May 2, 1980. He acquired 106 wickets in the Ashes series.

6. RR Lindwall

Raymond Russell Lindwall was born on October 3, 1921. From the year 1946 to 1960, this professional cricketer played for the pride of Australia. He participated in 61 Test matches. Aside from playing cricket, he was also an excellent player of rugby. The total wickets he acquired in the Ashes series are 114.

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