Top 10 Best Butter Brands in the World

Butter is one of the favorites of many and it taste delicious when applied on your morning toast. It is also one of the essential elements of kitchen and used as core ingredients for many food items. It can add taste to many of the bland items and is also favorite of children. You can simply add butter in the dish and relish its taste. Let us look at the top 10 brands of butter.

10. Darigold Butter

This is an American brand that is known for producing high quality dairy products and butter is one of the their top selling product. It uses natural ingredients and also makes your morning bread toast breakfast delicious.

9. Amul

This is an Indian based company that gained immense popularity through its high quality products. From ice creams to milk, curd to butter, Amul offers wide range of dairy products. Amul name is derived from Sanskrit language which means valuable and rare. Just like its name, Amul produces high quality products for its customers.

8. Cabot Salted Butter

Made of pinch of salt and sweet cream, the Cabot salted butter is ideal for people who love salty taste. Besides, the slippery form allows you to easily apply it on your toast without much effort.

7. GreenWise Butter

This is another popular brand of butter that can make your recipes tasty and delicious. In addition, the smooth texture of the butter can make you effortlessly apply it on your hard toast to make it more tasteful. Moreover, this butter is made of organic ingredients.

6. Breakstone Butter

This butter is said to have a bland taste. This means the slippery texture of this butter when added to your dish can make it smooth without adding any additional flavor. The Breakstone butter is made of natural flavors and a pinch of salt.

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