Top 10 Best Carpet Brands for Your Home

Carpets have become a much loved home furnishing today, which every home owner wants to have for his living space. Carpets impart an aura of warmth and coziness to a home and also add to the aesthetic value, which is the reason why people are ready to spend a good sum of money on buying the best brands, which have attributes of quality and durability.

Here are 10 best brands of carpets in the world:

10. Jaipur Rugs

One of the best brands of carpets in the world is Jaipur Rugs, a multi dimensional manufacturer which also produces throws, pillows and similar items. The manufacturer employs rural artisans, who are blessed with great talent in creating unique variety in handmade rugs and carpets.

9. Momeni

Next on this list is a brand called Momeni, which made a small beginning by importing Persian carpet to the US for the first time and today has become one of the biggest carpet brands in the world. The brand ensures the usage of top grade raw material, along with a rich variety in color and designs to offer an absolutely new concept to the buyers.

8. Kaleen

Kaleen, which literally means carpet, is one of the most reputed carpet brands in the world, which is acclaimed for its excellent quality and innovative designs. It employs more than 3500 artisans to create a great variety in machine made as well as handmade mats and carpets, to cater to customers around the globe.

7. Rug Tycoon

If variety is what you are looking for, then Rug Tycoon is the brand for you as it showcases product lines in Persian, traditional oriental, hand knitted and modern rugs. Use of high quality material is the hall mark of this brand, which promises to make your home stylish with its amazingly designed rugs and carpets.

6. Safavieh

Featuring next on the list of best brands of carpets in the world is Safavieh, which also specializes in home décor items such as accessories, lighting and furniture. The brand blends quality and style with affordability, making it one of the best options for those who are low on budget.

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