Top 10 Best Coastal Towns for Retirees 2015

In this year 2015, there are lots of people who are going to retire from their long years of working in a private or public agency. Retirement signals for the best time to treat yourself from your hard work. There are no more work loads that can stress you out for sure. If you are thinking of having a great place for retirement that is near to beaches, here are the top 10 coastal towns for retirees in 2015:

10. New Bern

New Bern

This town is located in the North Carolina’s southeastern coast. There are two rivers in this town that joined together in the Pamlico Sound. What made this city the best is the fact that it is a historic town where more than 30,000 of people are living. Retirees can surely find great living in this coastal town.

9. Port Townsend

Port Townsend

This coastal town in Washington is another perfect place for retirees. It is exactly located in the Jefferson County, Washington. This is a national historic district town because of the Victorian residential and commercial buildings built here. It has excellent healthcare facilities and first-class dining places.

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8. Ocean Springs

Ocean Springs

This coastal town is exactly located in Mississippi, specifically in the Jackson County. Retirees will surely love the white sand beaches here; not to mention the seafood that is abundant in the town. What more can you ask for?

7. Georgetown


Retirees always find this city fascinating to live in. The progressive city in South Carolina is surrounded with coastal areas. This is affectionately called as the Hammock Coast. The architectures in the city are really something that you can’t ignore. Even though it’s a progressive, it’s still perfect for a peaceful living.

6. Apalachicola


This is a small city in Florida, particularly in Franklin County. The Florida’s Gulf Coast is surrounding this city. This place is perfect for fishing, since it’s abundant of different fish species. When it comes to history, this place is also rich.

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