Top 10 Best & Coolest Tree Houses in the World

Tree houses are getting more and more popular these days. These are very common to places that are richly grown with different kinds of trees, of course. These tree houses are maybe for business, residential, and aesthetic purposes. Here are the top 10 coolest tree houses in the world:

10. The HemLoft

The HemLoft

Allen, who happens to be a former software developer, built this egg-shaped tree house. It is called the HemLoft. You can see this beautiful tree house when you go to the woods of Whistler in Canada. This serves as love nest of Allen and his fiancée named Heidi.

9. Live-In Oregon Tree House

Live-In Oregon Tree House

This tree house can be found in Cave Junction, Oregon. The person behind this tree house is an architect named Charles Greenwood. He built this modern tree house with the help of some support poles. The materials used here are definitely modern ones like glass, perfect for a modern way of living.

8. Temple of the Blue Moon

Temple of the Blue Moon

This is actually a lodging treehouse in Pete Nelson’s Treehouse Point, where you can sleep if you want to be one with nature. This place is exactly located in Issahquah, Washington. This treehouse is built in Sitka Spruce, a 300-year-old tree that stands 160 feet.

7. Reclaimed Tree House

Reclaimed Tree House

10 years ago, this tree house was built by Susan Fairbanks LeCraw while she was still living in Atlanta. What makes this tree house really beautiful is the lush fern garden that will greet you if you will go here. It is called reclaimed tree house since almost all of its materials are reclaimed.

6. Lantern House

Lantern House

This treehouse is built because of the desire of Roderick Romero to live an ahimsa-focused life. This person is very famous in building tree houses for famous celebrities such as Val Kilmer and Sting. This Lantern House is built amidst 3 eucalyptus trees.

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