Top 10 Best Face Wash & Cleanser Brands in the World

Every person desires to have a clear and glowing skin and the best way to get that is to eat right and pay heed to regular skin care. The most important part of skin care regime is skin hygiene, which involves cleansing it daily to remove the excess oil as well as accumulated dirt from it. One needs to use a good quality face wash to help the facial skin in all ways and restore its youthful glow and radiance. An effective face wash, works gently to get rid of all the grime and dirt from the face, without damaging the delicate skin. The main thing to look for while buying a face wash is that it should be free of chemicals such as artificial fragrances and colorants, because these may cause more harm than good. It is not necessary that an expensive product will yield better results than an inexpensive one as both might contain the same ingredients, which might be equally effective. There are a large number of face wash brands which have been trusted over the years by users for healthy skin.

Here are top 10 best brands of face wash & cleanser:

10. Eucerin Aquaphor Gentle Wash

One of the top 10 best brands of face wash in the world is Eucerin Aquaphor Gentle Wash, which is particularly beneficial for those with sensitive skit. It is a soap free face wash, which gently cleanses the skin without drying it up.

9. Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash

Featuring next among the top 10 best face wash brands in the world is Alpha Hydrox Foaming Face Wash, a product which boasts of being alcohol free, soap free and ph balanced. It is particularly effective for dry skin as it prevents the skin from being robbed from its natural oils, and at the same time leaves it clean and non sticky.

8. Marcelle Gentle Foaming Wash

Marcelle Gentle Foaming Wash is a renowned face wash brand, which is preferred by those with normal to dry skin. It contains skin friendly glycerin and is free of artificial fragrance, which makes it perfect for skin health.

7. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

A premium face wash brand, Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser is the next to make it on this list. Made of natural ingredients such as avocado oil and apricot kernel oil, this product works very gently on cleaning and nourishing the skin and also maintaining a healthy ph balance for it.

6. Patricia Wexler MD Dual Action Foaming Cleanser

Patricia Wexler MD Dual Action Foaming Cleanser is regarded as one of the most reliable face wash brands in the world because it has been manufactured with the expertise of dermatologists. The face wash is loved the world over for giving clear, smooth skin with regular use.

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