Top 10 Best Fitness Channels on YouTube Today

Having a healthy lifestyle and staying fit is not just a choice, but necessity. Everyone should be concerned about basic fitness; unfortunately it requires a little bit of working out and just doesn’t grow on trees. There isn’t any magic potion either which could make an unfit person fit overnight. Fitness doesn’t require running to gyms leaving all your daily jobs, instead all it takes is will power. YouTube is such a great tool to host thousands of videos on fitness, health and working out and we are about to review a few of those.

10. BeFiT

How about a fitness channel from a popular movie making company? Lionsgate brings the opportunity for the serious health and fitness enthusiasts. They have hired the best fitness trainers in the world to shoot videos and posted them on YouTube for free watching. No matter what type of exercise you might want, but they have everything from belly fat burn to building up intense abs.

Channel link.

9. Blogilates

The host of the Blogilates channel is called Cassey Ho. This person’s innovative way of instruction would simply blow your mind and make you an instant fan of the channel. She would teach how to get rid of belly fat, tweaking your thighs and butt, or maybe slimming down the waist. Cassey surely knows how to keep a person motivated throughout an exercise session.

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8. The Daily Hiit

This channel is called your daily fitness pal, because the videos are always being update and there’s new for everyone throughout a day. The videos are trendy and highly motivating to reach to a person’s fitness goals.

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7. Fitness Blender

Working out doesn’t have to be very complex. Instead, easier instructions and handy exercises are good enough to carry on a session for the beginner. The couple Daniel and Kelly is going to teach how to work out using their collection of videos; around 300 to be exact. Oh and there’s yoga as well.

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6. Amanda Russell

For females who want to try their favorite bikini on the next summer, Amanda Russell’s channel might be the ultimate thing they need to subscribe now. This instructor goes all expert to make a bikini ready figure; and she puts everything about the specific working out into her channel. Not just fitness, but she’s interested in eating and cooking as well. Who said you can’t eat while you are trying to get a bikini on?

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