Top 10 Best Foundation Brands For Your Skin

Just like a building, make up too stands on a foundation and the better the quality of the foundation, better will be the final results of your make up. Therefore, you have to look for the best brand of foundation according to your skin type, requirement and budget.

Here are top 10 best brands of foundation in the world:

10. Bourjois


A foundation brand which has touched the pinnacle of popularity is Bourjois, which is held in high regard because of its excellent quality and affordable price. it has a unique color correcting formula which offers medium coverage and presents an even look to the skin, without looking caked up.

9. Guerlain


Next on the list of best foundation brands is Guerlain, which provides perfectly flawless skin with the help of its light and subtle formula that literally melts into the skin. At the same time, the foundation is durable and lasts all day long to lend a natural looking complexion.



NARS is a brand name associated with trust, as the foundation brand makes use of natural ingredients such as turmeric extracts. It also contains anti oxidants which counter free radicals and prevent skin from getting damaged. Besides offering great coverage, this foundation makes skin healthy and glowing from within.

7. Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown

The foundation brand called Bobbi Brown is widely acclaimed by women all over the globe. It is particularly suitable for those with oily skin as the formula of this foundation is oil free, which helps it make a great coverage for the makeup. Moreover, it is available in a wide array of shades, which can be chosen according to one’s skin tone.

6. Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder

Another foundation brand which has been around for quite a long time is Estee Lauder. The brand is acclaimed the world over for offering smooth coverage, great variety in terms of colors available and also for its long lasting effect.

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