Top 10 Best Interior Paint Brands 2015

Interior as well as exterior paints make an important part of home construction or improvement as it is the correct use of color what defines the ambience of a home. Also, interior paints should be durable and non toxic to make sure that residents can save on their money and health.

Here are the top 10 best brands of interior paint brands:

10. Do It Best Quality Paints Best Look Eggshell Paint

Best Look Eggshell Paint

This interior paint brand is regarded as one of the best as it is weather proof, VOC free and is easy to apply. The paint remains unaffected by strong sunlight. It is available in more than 1400 colors to pick among.

9. ValSpar Ultra Premium

ValSpar Ultra Premium

ValSpar Ultra Premium is the next brand to be included among top 10 best brands of interior paint in the world. It is resistant to stains and abrasion, free of VOC and does not fade on exposure. The paint is also affordable in price.

8. Pratt and Lambert Redseal

Pratt and Lambert Redseal

Another renowned brand of interior paint is Pratt and Lambert RedSeal, which is durable and does not fade even in the strongest sunlight. However, the paint is not easy to apply as it can be messy.

7. Ace Royal

Ace RoyalAce Royal is considered as one of the best brands of interior paints in the world as it excels in terms of appearance, performance and easy use. It is an expensive option and offers a great variety, available in as many as 1400 different shades. However, the paint scratches off easily, which is its only low point.

6. Benjamin Moore Ben

Benjamin Moore Ben

Another well appreciated interior paint brand in the world is Benjamin Moore Ben, which comes in more than 3300 shades. The paint is durable, scratch proof and does not fade soon.

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