Top 10 Best iOS 9 Apps for Apple Users

iPhone is one of the best smartphones that you could ever have these days. The big question now is, do you know those best iOS 9 apps available this year 2015? Have you tried them already? Well, whatever your answer is, here are the 10 best iOS 9 apps this 2015 that you should consider:

10. iTranslate

This app is very helpful to those people who are regularly communicating to foreign individuals. This can translate everything you write and speak. If you’re talking to a German, you can translate everything he said to English through iTranslate and vice versa. What you’ll even love is the iOS keyboard extension where you can type what you want to say.

9. Scanner Pro

Gone were the days that you have to scan documents only on PC’s because you can already do it with your iPhone. You just have to download the Scanne Pro app. This will help you scan documents and files thoroughly in no time.

8. Knocker

If you’re looking for the best property to buy, then this Property Finder app could be very helpful. It will help you locate some lists of properties for sale. It has a map so you can see where exactly the property is. What’s even the best about this app is it’s completely free to download.

7. Invoice2Go

Tracking and managing invoices can never be easier without the help of this iOS 9 app. It can help you create purchase orders, credit memos, estimates, and invoices in the convenient way. You can even include PayPal button in this application

6. Pacifica

This iOS 9 app can be very helpful on your health. It can keep track of your moods and some other habit metrics. It can then help treat depression or anxiety through the most effective approach like relaxation, mindfulness, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

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