Top 10 Most Useful iPhone Apps for Students in 2015

Today, one of the finest smartphones available is iPhone. It’s manufactured by an extremely reliable American company known as Apple. Do you know that iPhone is good for all those students out there? Yes, you read it right and it’s all because of the fact that there are numerous great iPhone apps that can be beneficial for the students. Here are the top 10 of them:

10. TextGrabber + Translator

This iPhone app can recognize and translate a text whatever language used in the said text. It’s programmed to recognize more than 60 languages. ABBYY USA Software House is the brilliant developer of this iPhone app. Here’s the download link,

9. ReferenceME

With the help of this iPhone app, it will be possible for you to create full bibliographies with the citations of APA styles, Oxford, MLA, MHRA, Vancouver, Chicago, and Harvard. This automatic bibliography creator is made by Company T and Biscuits. Here’s the download link,

8. Numbers 

This is almost like the same with a spreadsheet program just like the Microsoft’s Excel. It is extremely compatible with touch-screens, and it is made this way by Apple. You can input data here and even draw some charts. Here is the download link for this app,

7. iTunes U

This is a great application developed by the Apple company. With the help of this iPhone app, you can be able to search and see the list of courses that are offered in a certain college or university that can be found all over the world. Here’s the download link,

6. RefScanSM

This app is powered by EndNote and Web of Knowledge platforms. This will help you make a completely free web account where you can save the contents of the online references that you have accessed. This will save you so much time when searching for information. Here’s the download link,

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