Top 10 Best Kajal Brands 2015

Kajals have become the must have accessory for every women these days. The right type of kajal can simply enhance the look of the eyes and also make it expressive. The makeup seems to be incomplete without applying the kajal. In addition, there are various ways of applying kajal to make the eyes attractive. Let us look at the top 10 kajal brands.

10. Shingar Kajal

If you are looking for a kajal with low price but will still make your eyes expressive then you can prefer this brand of kajal. It is also one of the oldest brands of kajal that is available at affordable price.

9. Colorbar Kajal

This is another brand of kajal that offers high quality kajals. The kajals offered by the Colorbar brand are made of high quality materials and also offer a creamy and that perfect black color which can make your eyes attractive. In addition, it is available at an affordable price.

8. Faces Canada Kajal

If you are looking forward for a smoky eye look then you can prefer the Faces Canada Kajal. It offers the solid black color that can provide an enticing look to the eyes. Plus, this simple kajal can make your eyes attractive without any additional makeup.

7. Shahnaz Hussain Herbal Kajal

This is one of the highly popular brands of kajal. This herbal kajal is made of natural ingredients and also provides smooth texture. You can apply that perfect style of kajal to your eyes with minimum efforts.

6. Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Kajal

The Himalaya Herbal kajal is ideal for women who are looking for a warerproofkajal. Besides, the twist up mechanism ensures that you do not have to wait for that last minute sharpening. Just twist up and apply the kajal to get that perfect look right away.

5. Lotus Herbals Natural Kajal

This is another popular brands of kajal that can make your eyes look expressive and truly attractive. You can wear this kajal and just add glamor to your face. Besides, the smooth texture and smudge-free feature make this kajal highly popular among many women across the globe.

4. Lakme

For that corporate look, you can use the LakmeKajal that claims to last for minimum 7 hours. In addition, the waterproof and smudge free features make it popular.

3. Loreal

For that intense look, LorealKajal can be the perfect choice. If you do not like wearing much makeup, you can simply apply this kajal and make your eyes attractive. This high quality kajal is said to be made of natural ingredients.

2. Maybelline

Next on the list we have the popular Maybelline kajal. This brand offers Colossal Kajal which is said to last for 10 hours. Besides, the roll on stick mechanism makes it easy to use as well as carry it in your bag. In addition, the high quality materials used simply add value to the price.

1. Revlon

If you prefer a smooth and creamy texture then you can prefer this Revlon Kajal. When applied in that perfect style, it simply makes your eyes look attractive and expressive.

So, get ready for the party or for your corporate meeting by using the kajals of these top 10 brands.

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