Top 10 Best LCD TV Brands in the World

Television has become a necessary home unit than a luxury. It is one of the best ways of entertainment and you can also get information/news of the world through it. With the increasing demand, the number of brands or manufacturers also increased. The tradition box type TV has been replaced with the flat LCD models that not only occupy less space but also offer better clarity. Let us look at the top 10 brands of LCD TVs.

10. RCA


Radio Corporation of America (RCA) is one of the leading brands for LCD television sets. It is also one of the oldest brands for TVs. Besides, this brand is known for offering high quality vacuum tube that is considered to be an important component of television.

9. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Mitsubishi Electric LCD TV

Established in 1870, the Mitsubishi is known to be the first brand that produced projection TV. It is popular for offering high clarity and high resolution television sets. Besides, it produces TVs of various sizes including 32 inch, 42 inch and more.

8. Toshiba Corporation

Toshiba LCD TV

Established in 1939 as Tokyo Shibaura Electric and later renamed as Toshiba, this company is based in Japan and offers wide range of LCDs. This includes LCD and Full LCD HD. You can select the one that meets your budget and also meets your requirements. In addition, majority of television supports 3D. this means, you can now enjoy watching 3D movies from the comfort of your home.

7. Vizio

Vizio LCD TV

Founded in 2002, this American based Vizio Company gained immense popularity in a short time. It now offers LCDs to various countries even outside America. It has various series of LCDs including HD, Full HD, EcoHD, and more.

6. Philips

Philips LCD TV

It is one of the oldest brands for electronic items. In addition to offering high quality home appliances, this brand offers high quality television sets. One of the renowned features of the brand is that it offers LCDs that consume less power. This means, your electric bill can be cut down a bit. It has branches in more than 60 countries across the globe.

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