Top 10 Best LED Bulb Brands 2015

The LED Blubs are on the rise of popularity. A decade ago the bulb were only spotted as the floodlights. However, the time has changed and LED blubs are slowly entering the home space. The huge demand of the LED Blubs is for their quality and durability. There are many brands around the world that are providing the LED Blubs. Here are the top 10 Led blubs in the world.

10. Cree

Cree Led Bulb

Cree LED is one of the most trustworthy names in the industry. The prime reason behind the popularity of this brand is that it delivers high quality in fewer prices. The Cree LED is a worth for money. The high efficiency and the replacement facility makes it even better LED Blub. The durability of the bulbs is even better.

9. Osram

Osram Led Bulb

There is no doubt about the performance of the Osram LED blubs. They are very well made and are equally efficient. The Osram LED lasts for long time and has bright light. The price ranges of the LEDs are also very affordable for Osram.

8. Feit

Feit Led Bulb

It is one of the light producing brands that have made the presence all across the world. The lower range of prices, high quality and efficient price established it as one of the best brands. The LED blubs are stronger and very efficient.

7. Eco Smart

EcoSmart Led Bulb

The LED bulbs of this brand have made some innovation as well. The brand is slowly progressing towards environment friendly products. This will reduce the pollution of the air and give bright light as well. The price is also very reasonable.

6. TCP

TCP Led Bulb

TCP LED are very efficient and has remarkable performances. The LEDs last long and has bright light. The high quality and low price have made the presence of the brand very prominent.

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5. Lighting Ever

Lighting Ever Led Bulb

The LEDs are very bright indeed. One can use the 10 Watt bulb but can get the light of 60 Watt bulb. The LEDs are very high in efficiency and is very popular in international market.

4. Sylvania

Sylvania Led Bulb

One of the most popular LED bulbs in the world has provided many amazing products in recent time. The cool products have high efficiency, and less power drawing capability. The price ranges of the bulbs are also very less.

3. G7

G7 Led Bulb

The maker G7 is so confident on the product that they offer the warranty for the LED blubs of 10 years. They have variety of products and they maintain high quality standards.

2. GE

GE Led Bulb

The product of GE is considered as one of the best in the world. The price range is very low but the energy consumption is even better. It takes very less power to operate. The bright light of the bulb is also a value addition of the brand.

1. Philips


There is not only a less consumption of power but also high durability. According to the customer feedback the products of Phillips even last for 20 years and more.

The brands are considered as the King of the Market without the Thrown.

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