Top 10 Most Famous Lingerie Brands In The World 2015

Lingerie is the underwear or underclothes worn by women. As the world today becomes more and more modern, lingerie has also undergone several innovations. It becomes sexier than before. There are actually a lot of lingerie brands available today. Here are the top 10 of them:

10. Aubade

Way back in 1875, this lingerie brand started as corset-making company. Aubade has become very popular the moment they invented the tanga and the strapless bra. It happened during the 70’s. Today, this brand is also known in manufacturing knickers, bras, and some other sexy pieces for the body. They even offer underwear for men.

9. Agent Provocateur

This popular lingerie brand has French moniker but the truth is, it was established in England. Together with his wife, Joseph Corre launched Agent Provocateur. These days, this company is providing corsets, bras, waspies, and knickers to the public.

8. Claire Pettibone

This brand is very famous even to the Hollywood celebrities. Once you wear its collections of lingerie, you will certainly feel like a sexy Goddess that every man is dreaming of. The chemises and the delicate camis in this brand are simply seductive and tempting in the eyes of men.

7. Cosabella

As far as lingerie brand is concerned, Cosabella really established its name. In fact, a lot of famous celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Pamela Anderson are always eyeing on its new lingerie creations. Their variants of colors and sexy designs of lingerie are irresistible.

6. Damaris

This brand becomes popular because of its creation of bottom cleavage. Damaris Evans is the person behind this brand. After graduating in Central Saint Martins College, she shines with her lingerie creations that impressed numerous stylists and famous fashion-oriented personalities. In fact, she was once featured in Elle and Vogue magazines.

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