Top 10 Best Luggage Brands Worldwide 2015

While travelling luggage bag becomes highly important. The brand of the luggage bad also becomes equally important because poorly manufactured luggage bags can get destroyed easily while travelling. Few top luggage bags that come for higher price often offers guaranty and warranty against any damage. While purchasing a luggage bag it is advisable to go for a rough and tough one so that the bag can bear the stress and strain.

10. Tumi Carry On

For frequent flyers, Tumi Carry On is one of the most recommended luggage brands. The luggage bag comes for a higher price but it is capable of bearing the wears and tears of the journey. The coolest thing is that the brand offer two years warranty during the purchase. The brand offers variety of colour options as well.

9. Victorianox

Victorianox is one of the most loved luggage bags worldwide. The luggage bags are quite tough and sturdy. The luggage bags are strong enough to bear the strain of journey. The bag offers sufficient pockets along with comfortable handles.

8. Luggage Amsterdam

Luggage Amsterdam is recommended by many frequent travellers worldwide. The brand offers a wide space with several pockets which easily fits even a laptop. The luggage bag is equipped with four wheels to carry it along comfortably.

7. Eagle Creek

For long term travel, Eagle Creek is considered as one of the best luggage bag brands in the world. The luggage bag comes along with long handles for easy handling. The multi functional bag can be used during long travel vacations.

6. Ricardo Beverly Hills

luggage brand Ricardo Beverly Hills is one of the most used travel suitcases all over the world. The four wheeled luggage bag is highly durable and light weighted. Due to the light weight, it helps the passengers to pack more clothes while travelling via air. The luggage bag also offers many exterior pockets to pack small and handy stuffs.

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