Top 10 Best Musical Instruments & Equipment Brands to Trust

Music has been an integral part of many people’s lives before and even up to now. It can bring magic to the soul of every human being. It can even make the emotions to come out in every person. That is how powerful the music is. However, don’t you know that music will be boring without the accompaniment of several musical instruments? Yes, it is absolutely true. Musical instruments can make music more interesting to hear.

Here are the 10 best musical instrument brands available these days that everybody can trust:

10. Tama

This musical instrument brand is known for its high quality drums. It was in 1974 when this brand was founded in the beautiful country of Japan. It is one of the biggest brands nowadays, as far as drums are concerned.

9. Epiphone

It was founded way back in the year 1873, with the brilliant founder Anastasios Stathopoulos. This musical instrument brand is exactly located in Nashville, Tennessee. When Anastasios died, his son continued the legacy of the company.

8. Fender

This American musical instrument brand is known in manufacturing amplifiers and stringed instruments just like guitars. Scottsdale, Arizona is exactly where you can find its main office. It was in the year 1946 when Clarence Leonidas Fender founded such musical instrument brand.

7. Roland

Roland Corporation is actually a Japanese company that is very popular worldwide for manufacturing musical instruments, software, and electronic equipments. April 18, 1972 was the exact foundation date of this company. It was all thanks to its brilliant founder, Ikutaro Kakehashi.

6. Gibson Guitar Corporation

It is actually an American company that manufactures musical instruments like guitar. Its main headquarter is in Nashville, Tennessee. It was way back in 1902 when Orville Gibson founded such musical instrument brand.

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