Top 10 Best National Universities in USA 2015

Within the United States of America, there are a lot of universities where you can study and receive your diploma for a certain Bachelor’s degree. Well actually, they are not only offering Bachelor’s degree, but Doctor’s degree as well. Now the question is, what are those top universities that offer excellent education? Here are the top 10 national universities in the US this 2015:

10. California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology

It was in 1891 when this excellently-rated educational institution was established. This private research university is also called Caltech. It exactly nestled in Pasadena, California. Amos G. Throop is the brilliant founder of this university as a vocational and preparatory school.

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9. University of Pennsylvania

University of Pennsylvania

Most of the time, this private research university that is situated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is called UPenn or Penn. It was established in the year 1740, and it’s amongst those oldest universities USA has to offer. The brilliant man behind the foundation of this university is Benjamin Franklin.

8. Duke University

Duke University

Methodists and Quakers are the founders of this excellent private research university in the year 1838. Its location is in Durham, North Carolina. Before it’s called Duke University, it had still some other names like Brown School, Union Institute, Normal College, and Trinity College.

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, Massachusetts is where you can see this excellent private research university. In order to cope with the continuing industrialization happening in the United States of America, this university was founded way back in the year 1861. However, it began operating in the year 1865.

6. University of Chicago

University of Chicago

This private research university that is established in the year 1890 is exactly located in Chicago in the state of Illinois. It’s known as amongst those prestigious and excellent universities the world has to offer, and it’s because of the school’s great political, social, and academic influences.

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