Top 10 Best Pet Food Brands in the World

When you domesticate any animal in your home you have some responsibility to keep it healthy. So, it is your responsibility to offer your pet the best food for healthy body. Here is an exclusive database of top 10 best pet food producing companies. All these pet foods are for any kind of pet.

10. Petcurean

This is purely a Canada B.C. based pet food producing company that produces totally grain free foods for pets. Main ingredients are fresh and hormone free and use fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh meats, but use no rendered free meat and oil or any by-products. All products have very digestive power to all types of pets.

9. Wellness

This is also another best company that produces historic range of quality pet foods. All products are human-based ingredients. You can expect no preservatives, no fillers, no meat by-products, no artificial colors and no flavors. All products are safe and 100% natural. For grain free and protein rich products this company is the best in the world.

8. Timberwolf Organics

For natural and 100% safe pet food Timberwolf is another best one company. Timberwolf foods offer a wide range of superior, carnivore based formulas made with super levels of animal protein, fruits, vegetables, multiple grains, herbs and seeds. The company knows the actual need of the pet. So, its products are for pets. Your pet may expect maximum nutrition from smaller quantity of foods.

7. Nature’s Variety

All products from ‘Nature’s Variety’ are 100% safe and free from any food grain like soy, corn or wheat. No chemicals and preservatives are use for pet foods. There is no question of artificial colors and only contains fish protein or poultry meat, fruits and vegetables and whole grains.


Totally preservative free food with no frozen or dried ingredients or powders free pet food comes from Acana. Acana uses only fresh and natural ingredients. All products are best suits for pets at all ages and sizes. Acana uses a high-protein and low-carb formula for the production of pet food that contains only the natural ingredients.

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