Top 10 Best Things About Florida

Florida is the state of the United States of America that is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. This is exactly located in the southeasternmost part of the U.S. This region is actually known for its nickname, which is the “Sunshine State”. The capital city of this state is the city of Tallahassee. Furthermore, here are 10 best things about the state of Florida:

10. Florida can offer the best weather condition

Amongst all the US states, Florida is said to be the best place to live in and visit as far as weather condition is concerned. The weather is just right; not too cold and not too hot. This is the reason why thousands of tourists are visiting this place every single day.

9. It hosts the world-renowned Disney World

Who would not know about Disney World? Since childhood, a lot of people already knew this famous thing. This is the inspiration of a lot of Disney cartoon shows like Mickey Mouse. The Disney World center was established in Florida in the year 1971.

8. It is known for the so-called Florida’s sunsets

Relaxing in Florida is one thing that a lot of vacationers love to do in this state. After all, what is the use of vacationing if you will still feel the pressure and stress that life has brought them? One thing that can surely make you relaxed while staying in this state is the beautiful Florida’s sunsets.

7. It is a home for beautiful beaches

Florida becomes very popular in the world because of its sets of beautiful beaches, which are filled with super fine white sands. What is even best about it is these breathtaking beaches are the best locations if you want to witness the magnificent sunsets.

6. Florida is also full of history

Just like any other places in the world, Florida also has its own sets of interesting history. Meaning to say, this state has contribute a lot in the world history. This can be confirmed by the numerous historic sites that can be found here. Good example is the Saint Augustine, which is also called the Ancient City.

5. Florida is known to be the camping paradise

Amongst all the state in the US, the best camping paradise ever is Florida. Why is it so? Well, it is certainly because of its good weather condition all year round. Hence, it is no longer surprising why numerous families are having their camping activities in several spots in Florida.

4. Florida is a home of beautiful places

If you are rooting for beautiful places, then the state of Florida is a place that you should include in your list of itineraries. It can offer a lot of beautiful places, which are the reasons why tourists keep on coming back here. One beautiful place that you can find in this state is the Bok Tower Gardens.

3. Smaller towns in Florida offer peaceful living

There are lots of smaller towns in Florida that can offer a lot of things for both local and foreign people. A peaceful living experience is one of these. In these smaller towns, you can witness panoramic views within the entire state.

2. Water-related activities can be greatly done in Florida

Many people coming from the four corners of the world love visiting Florida because of the water-related activities that can be done here. Some of these activities are snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing.

1. It hosts several relaxing and beautiful state parks

If you are one of those people who love Mother Nature, then there is no way you will not love the state parks that can be found in Florida. These parks will let you witness the abundance of nature. You can also experience the life of jungle people since you will be actually brought to the forests if you visit the state parks.

These are 10 best things regarding Florida. These things clearly say that interesting things are packed in this beautiful state.

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