Top 10 Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands Form Home & Office Use

Vacuum cleaners have become essential household gadgets these days as getting domestic help for cleaning is quite difficult and expensive. Vacuum cleaners enable you to keep your home and office clean simply and fast, whatever may be its size. There are a large number of brands available in the market today, which excel in performance as well as power saving.

Here are the top 10 best brands of vacuum cleaners in the world:

10. Numatic Henry

A well known vacuum cleaner brand is Numatic Henry, which is very durable and high performing. It can clean all kinds of surfaces with equal effectiveness, but the only drawback is that it has models that are bulky.

9. GTech

GTech is a renowned brand of vacuum cleaners, which brings compact cordless models that have the power and performance of the regular upright models. The innovative technology used by this brand compresses the dirt into small bales, which are much easier to dispose off.

8. iRoomba

iRoomba is a market leader among vacuum cleaners. It excels in terms of superior technology, which enables the machine to detect the dirtier areas with the help of special sensors. The brand also has a longer battery life.

7. Sebo Rosso

The next name on the list of best vacuum cleaner brands is that of Sebo Rosso, which boasts of a compact, good looking design, couples with extraordinary power and performance. The machine glides over all kinds of surfaces with equal ease, while its flexible neck makes it easy to operate.

6. Karcher

Another brand to be counted among the top 10 best brands in the world is Karcher, which can be used for cleaning up heavy duty rubble because of its extra powerful motor. It showcases such models which can preferably be used for cleaning cars and garages.

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