Top 10 Most Popular Whiskey Brands in the World

Whiskey refers to the meaning ‘water of life’. It first came into existence in Italy when it was distilled from the wine. Since then it has gained huge popularity and is commonly known as the distilled alcoholic beverages. The whiskey is now a common beverage which is produced by many brands. The brands have different flavor, different taste and obviously differently bottled. However, the concept of the Whiskey remains the same. Here are the top 10 brands of whiskey which are immensely popular in the world.

10. Black

Black Whiskey

One of the most popular and widely used whiskeys, Black was previously known as the Black Nikka. The Japanese Whiskey drawn inspiration from the Scottish style of preparing and came in the market as a fresh entity. It contains 37% alcohol and is distilled well.

9. Black Velvet

Black Velvet Whiskey

The Canadian Whiskey, Black Velvet is known for its smooth and strong taste. It is one of the best-sold whiskies in the world. The brand was originally named as Black Level but later changed to Black Velvet considering the smoothness of the taste.

8. Crown Royal

Crown Royal Whiskey

As the name suggests, it is one of the most popular and tastiest whiskeys in the world. The Canadian Whiskey is a blend of 50 whiskies in one bottle. Known for its unique taste, Crown Royal has a huge surge in popularity in recent years.

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7. Ballantine’s

Ballantine's Whiskey

The Scottish blended whiskey often known as blended Scotch whisky is known for its premium taste. The Scottish flavor has won many awards for the unique taste. The brand has many flavors to taste from and also has a history of almost 180 years.

6. Jim Suntory

Jim Suntory Whiskey

One of the most popular and famous American Whiskey, Jim Suntory was named as Jim Beam. It was later changed to the new name as Suntory acquired the brand. It is known for its taste and unique preparation from the corn. It also has a honey flavored variation which is hugely popular among people.

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