Top 10 Best Yachts Builders in the World

A yacht is a leisure boat or ship for the purpose of cruising. They are sailing or motor. Most Yachts are privately owned by individuals or a company. They can be small sailor boats to extremely large vessels. Big vessels are required by the International Maritime Organisation to transmit their location publically at all times.

Large yacht owners employ full time staff including captain, engineers, chefs, etc. Some luxury yacht owners put up their yachts for hiring, when not sailing, to realise maintenance cost.

There are many types of yachts based on their size, ownership and usage. Some are: Day sailing, weekender, cruising, luxury sailing, and racing yachts etc.

10. Baltic Shipyard Yachts

Baltic Shipyard Yachts

It’s the oldest shipyard in Russia. It’s been responsible for building Russian battleship. It specialises in merchant ships. It builds semi custom vessels utilizing research & high tech material.

9. Tiara Yachts

Tiara Yachts

It has classic maritime engineered designs, coupled with fresh and timeless styling. The company provides great support to the customers and after sale, customer satisfaction. It has various models catering to individual needs with specifications: Convertible, Fly bridge, and coup.

8. Catalina Yachts

Catalina Yachts

It’s a US based fibreglass yacht. They are the largest boat manufacturers, in the world. In spite of producing small yachts, its mid size cruisers is always in demands. They are convenient to maintain.

7. Viking Yachts

Viking Yachts

Two brothers from USA started out in 1964 and built sport fishing &cruising yachts. The company produces semi fibreglass yacht. It offers the best in design & performance, primarily because every part of Viking is designed and manufactured at one place.

6. Meridian Yachts

Meridian Yachts

Its one of the renowned yacht & bridge boat manufacturers of North America. It’s the winner of several Marine Industry awards. It’s a part of Sea Ray Co. The yachts are designed for living, cruising and manoeuvring.

5. Hatteras Yachts

Hatteras Yachts

It’s been around for the past 50 years, in the production of sport fishing & luxury motor yacht, in USA.. It’s credited with building the 1st fibreglass yacht over 50 feet. Its high on performance, electrical &mechanical, with great interiors.

4. Riviera Yachts Australia

Riviera Yachts Australia

It’s the most awarded company in Australia, since 1980. It builds luxury yachts in varying length and segment: Fly bridge, Sport Yacht, and SUV collections. It’s a brand associated with quality, style, innovation, performance and owner care.

3. Wally Yachts

Wally Yachts

Wally Yacht was manufactured by an Italian businessman in 1994. His company started out with sail boats but later ventured into motor yachts. It’s one of the premier yacht brands. The designs are sleek, stylish, powerful and comfortable. It has mega yachts like Wally Island &Why –Yachts.

2. Princess Yachts

Princess Yachts

It’s a British –French company. The current range of models include: yachts with fly bridge (an open area on top of a surface ship which provides unobstructed view). In 2010, it was awarded ISO14001 rating. It offers distinctive super luxury yachts like M-class, V class and S class.

1. Sunseeker Yachts

Sunseeker Yachts

It’s a British luxury motor yacht manufacturer. It’s the best in class, with contemporary design and engineering, providing luxury and performance. Its yacht collection is updated regularly. 155 yachts is the greatest and most advanced yacht ever produced by Sunseeker.

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