Top 10 Biggest American Presidential Scandals

Scandals are controversies that happen to the lives of any individuals. The usual ones who experience scandals are those famous celebrities. Do you know that even the US Presidents have scandals too? Here are the 10 biggest US presidential scandals:

10. Ma, Ma, Where’s My Pa?

It was experienced by President Grover Cleveland. It was about his affair to a widow, Maria C. Halpin. The widow gave birth to their son named Oscar Folsom Cleveland. Cleveland wholeheartedly supported their baby. However, the “Ma, Ma, Where’s My Pa?” chant was heard almost everyday in the white house. It’s according to Smithsonian

9. Petticoat Affair

This scandal happened during the time of President Andrew Jackson. According to, it was all about the affair of John Henry Eaton, who happened to be the Secretary of war at that time, and the widow Margaret Timberlake. The husband of Margaret committed suicide upon knowing that she had an affair with Eaton.

8. Marilyn Monroe and J.F. Kennedy Scandal

This was the scandal of President J.F. Kennedy to the famous pop superstar Marilyn Monroe. According to, Monroe had an affair not only to President Kennedy, but to his brother Robert as well. Monroe was found dead in her own house, and rumors said that the Kennedy’s did the crime to protect their political image.

7. Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings Scandal

It was the controversy where the first US President, Thomas Jefferson, was involved. According to, the President and his slave, Sally Hemmings, had an affair and got children. During the prosecution, President Jefferson denied the accusation. But later on, it was true through the DNA testing.

6. Credit Mobilier Scandal

Based on, this scandal happened during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. It was a major corruption scandal of the Credit Mobilier company to the Union Pacific Railroad project way back in the year 1868. When the scandal was publicized, lots of politicians were involved including Vice President Ulysses S. Grant.

5. The Whiskey Ring said that this was just another scandal where Grant’s presidency was at stake. It was a scandal between whiskey distillers and President Grant’s cabinet members, involving tax evasion and bribery. President Ulysses Grant got involved when he defended his personal secretary.

4. Iran-Contra Scandal

This major scandal happened in the presidency of Ronald Reagan. There were lots of Reagan’s colleagues in the administration got involved with this. It was all about the secret selling of firearms to Iran. The money raised in selling firearms was for the revolutionary Contras based in Nicaragua. This is according to

3. Teapot Dome

According to, this scandal is one of the biggest and sensational controversies in the American political history. This controversy involved President Warren G. Harding. It was all about the transfer of naval oil reserve lands to the Mammoth Oil company with the bribery money of $100,000.

2. Watergate Scandal

This scandal involved President Richard Nixon. said it was a big scandal recorded in the American’s political history. It resulted to the resignation of the US President at that time, who happened to be Richard Nixon. It was all about the Watergate office complex in Washington D.C.

1. Lewinsky Scandal

This controversy was all about the sexual relationship between Monica Lewinsky and President Bill Clinton. Monica Lewinsky was a young intern in the White House. She was 22 years old at that time. According to, the scandal happened in the year 1998. These are the 10 biggest US presidential scandals. Certainly, these scandals caused a massive impact in the political history of Americans.

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