Top 10 Bizarre Laws From Around The World

Government and bureaucracy are essentials to a harmonious society. Laws were created so that people will live in peace with one another. This also helps ensure that the quality of life remains high in many countries and societies. Indeed, laws are a necessity wherever you go.

Every country has a different set of laws that were written and implemented in context with that country’s local culture and social structures. Therefore, many outsiders find certain laws of other countries weird and quite impractical – simply because these laws do not apply to their own country. But as the saying goes, if it works, why remove it, right?

This list dishes to you the 10 weirdest laws from all over the world. Again, these laws may seem absurd and out of this world. But if these laws work for the country or society where they came from, then it is no laughing matter.

10. No wearing of pants – France

No wearing of pants

In 18th century France, the wearing of pants were forbidden among women. This is because at that time, when France and the entire Europe were still conservative and quite modest, wearing pants is a symbol of crass, inappropriate behavior. It took several more decades before the French government relaxed its rules in wearing pants.

9. Don’t make ugly or funny faces with dogs. – Oklahoma, United States

Don’t make ugly or funny faces with dogs

The conservative state of Oklahoma in the United States barres people from making ugly or funny faces at dogs for two reasons. First, this would prevent dogs from being aggressive and attacking the person. Second, this would also lessen the stress that a dog feels everyday. Reasonable, eh?

8. Women should not drive cars. – Saudi Arabia

Women should not drive cars

Women are not allowed to drive cars in Saudi Arabia as only men are deemed capable of driving a car in this Muslim nation. Women have limited rights in Saudi Arabia and society is clearly patriarchal. This is also true for many Muslim nations especially those that are found in the Persian Gulf.

7. Male and female underwear should not be hanged together. – Minnesota, United States

Male and female underwear should not be hanged together

In 19th century Minnesota – a conservative and highly Protestant state in the northeastern United States, the habit of hanging male and female underwear together is highly unsightly and inappropriate. This law continued to be implemented until the first half of the 20th century.

6. Married couples should not divorce. – Philippines

Married couples should not divorce

When Malta became the second to the last country to legalize divorce several years back, this move left the Philippines as the sole country where divorce remains illegal. The Philippines is a conservative Catholic country where the sanctity of the family is given precedence. Nevertheless, a lot of modern lawmakers are already making moves to legalize divorce.

5. It is illegal to be fat. – Japan

It is illegal to be fat

Japan’s “metabo law” prohibits people from being overweight. Depending on one’s height, the Japanese should only strive for a maximum weight and built. This is very understandable in Japan since the country has a very cohesive society.

4. Don’t pay unless you are full. – Denmark

Don’t pay unless you are full

Danish restaurants value their customers so much that they will only accept payment once the customer is really full. The Danish people take their meals very seriously as these are seen as moments to truly savor. When one feels shortchanged in a restaurant, it is okay for the customer not to pay.

3. You are not allowed to die in parliament. – United Kingdom

You are not allowed to die in parliament

The Royal Parliament of the United Kingdom is treated by the British people like a royal palace. This means that anyone who dies in the premises of the royal parliament is entitled to a state funeral – regardless of that person’s background.

2. First cousins who are senior citizens can marry

First cousins who are senior citizens can marry

First cousins who fell in love with one another are allowed to get married when they are already senior citizens. This is because they are already past the reproductive stage and can no longer have children. First cousins who marry one another have adverse effects on their offspring.

1. Chewing gum is illegal. – Singapore

Chewing gum is illegal. - Singapore

They say that Singapore is a fine city. This is very true. Singaporeans are very obsessed with cleanliness that chewing gum and even spitting in public are strictly prohibited.

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