Top 10 Characteristics Traits of a Sagittarius Person

Zodiac Signs can figure out the characteristics of any human being born during specific time of the year. Sagittarius is the zodiac sign for the people who are born during November 23 to December 21. They are bright people with lots of hope and zeal. Sagittarius is considered as one of the best zodiac signs as it gives lot of good characteristics.

Here are the Top 10 characteristics of Sagittarius person.


10. Optimistic

They are very optimistic in nature and they can be very bright and hopeful people. They see positive things in every situation and try to cope up with the life. They want to excel in life and have strong heart to do so.

9. Intelligent

Well, they are truly intelligent and have the power to achieve better things in life. They are very good in academics and do well in their respective field of profession. They become very successful in life if they hold on to their talent.

8. Straight Forward

They are very straight forward in life and often that turns out to be harsh. However, that does not mean they say bitter every time. They have the habit of speaking directly. They are really not bothered about the aftereffect. It might not go well for everyone although.

7. Philosophical

They are very Philosophical in nature and remains connected to the roots. A Sagittarius person is found to very enthusiastic about life and philosophy and often does well in the same field of profession. They are generally very good speaker and have the skills to convince someone.

6. Broad Hearted

They are indeed very broad hearted and often noticed. They are very kind and feel for the people. It has been seen that they easily forgive people and work for them. Many Sagittarius can be seen in the field of social work.

5. Inconsistent

Out of their many good qualities, they have some bad one as well. They are not always consistent enough. Sometimes they show the short lived interest on leave their work in between. It is also because of their overconfidence and courageous nature.

4. Courageous

They are very courageous at heart and can take bold decisions by themselves. They often live up to their expectations and present stand out performance. They are no limited by pressure or any negative scare or fear in life.

3. Superficial

They are the lovers of beauty. However, they may not be interested to see the inner beauty of anything. The physical and outer beauty appeals them and that is their nature. They may not take interest in finding out the inner qualities of beauty.

2. Careless

They are not very careful or diplomatic in their nature. They are careless about their attitude and often hurt others for this. Their straight forward behavior might hurt someone else but Sagittarius people do not consider this that well.

1. Honesty

One of the best qualities that Sagittarius people have is the honesty. They are generally very honest in life. They seldom speak lies and try to maintain a position in life. Their honesty sometimes drive them to trust people who are not worthy of it.

Sagittarius people are very interesting people and they often have interesting and carefree attitude. However, there are many positives about Sagittarius that attract others.

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