Top 10 Countries with Maximum Rape Crimes

Rape crimes are one of the most complex crimes to analyze, investigate and to deal with. Still today, rape crimes occur even in most of the developed countries and developing countries where it is rarely reported or advertised. The woman who has been assaulted do not come forward to register complaints against the rapist due to the high social stigma followed in their society and fear of being rejected or disowned by their own family members.

This encourages the rapist to do more crimes since they are left unpunished or unnoticed.

So, let us check the top ten countries with maximum rape crimes which may definitely shock you.

10. Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the country which stands second in the list of most populous countries of Africa. This country is well known for its highest rates of rape crimes and sexual violence against women of Ethiopia. A report of UN says that more than 60% of women in Ethiopia undergo sexual violence and sexual assaults so easily.

It is also a country which follows “Marriage by abduction” where the girl is kidnapped and raped and forced for marriage. Even girls as young as 11 years are being assaulted by the rapists and kidnapped for the “Forceful Marriage”.

9. Zimbabwe

Rape Crimes in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe stands in tenth among the highest rape crime countries where a woman is raped every 90 minutes.  Zimbabwe national statistics shows the shocking reports that around 500 women are raped monthly and 16 women are raped daily in Zimbabwe.

According to UNICEF, child rape is reported around 42% in Zimbabwe where children between the age of 5 and 10 undergo increased sexual harassments and sexual tortures. Just like other countries, most of these cases are unreported which means that the number of sexual attacks may be actually even high.

8. Canada

Rape Crimes in Canada

This country also has increased rape crime rate around 4, 60,000 rape cases every year. One of out 4 Canadian women undergoes sexual assault in their life time.

Also, according to the Justice Institute of British Columbia, 62 % of the rape victims are injured physically and remaining victims are beaten or tortured during the rape crime. Also, only 33 out of 1000 sexual attacks are reported to the police whereas other cases are left unreported.

7. France

France is the next super power which stands eighth among the countries having highest rape crimes. Until 1980, rape was not a crime in France. Later, to ensure the safety of women and to provide equal rights for women, several laws and bills were passed to fight against sexual assault. In the year 1992, the first law on sexual attack was approved and another law on moral harassment was passed in 2002. Later several laws are introduced, passed and approved to ensure the women’s safety in the country.

But however, reports say that around 75,000 rape cases are filed and reported every year.

6. Germany

German stands seventh among the countries which has highest rape crimes. Reports say that the rape crimes are huge with a figure around 6,507,394 which is really shocking. A rough estimation of around 2, 40,000 women and girls have died due to this crucial crime. The country which is one of the super powers is really moving backward with huge number of increased rape crimes every year.

5. England

Rape Crimes in England

This is the next super power country which has the highest rates of rape crimes.  Around 85,000 rape victim’s cases are reported every year in which 73,000 are females and 12,000 are males. The report also states that one among 5 English women undergo sexual assault right from the age of 16.

According to the BBC reports, most of the rape crimes are not reported to the England police and thus these rape crimes goes unnoticed.

4. India

Rape Crimes in India

In recent years, India is fastly transforming into a land of highest rape crimes and sexual attacks where the number of reported cases has been increased to 33,707 from 24,923 between 2012 and 2013.

Also, National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB) has reported that the rape crimes have been increased by 7.5 % since the year 2010. Among the Indian cities, New Delhi has the highest rape crimes in India which is followed by Mumbai, Jaipur and Pune.

Due to the strict social stigma and cultural base, lot of the rape crimes goes unreported every year. According to a source, it is said that around 54% of rape crimes goes unreported every year.

3. South Africa


This country is one which has highest rape crimes around 5, 00,000 rape cases reported every year. Due to these highest rape crimes, the country is referred as “Rape capital of the world”.

Normally, around 40% of every African woman undergoes sexual attacks in their lifetimes. This is a country which has highest child rape crimes in which around 15% of rape victims are children below 11 years.

According to the South Africa’s Tears Foundation and Medical Research council, around 50% of children and teens who are under age 18 are abused and sexually harassed by the South African men.

2. Sweden

Rape Crimes in Sweden

Sweden stands in the second position with highest rape crimes in the world. Reports and statistics says that one out of 4 Swedish women undergo sexual attacks and thus become a rape victim. Among the whole Europe, Sweden is considered to be the top most country with highest rape crimes.

Right from the year 1975 to 2014, the rape crimes has been increased by 1,472% which is really a fearful figure. According to the Swedish National Council for Crime protection, 63 cases are reported per 100,000 people of Sweden.

1. United States of America


United States of America which is a super power stands one among the top most position with the highest rates of rape crimes. According to the Worldwide Sexual Assault Statistics, one out of three American women is sexually attacked in their life time.

Around 79% of women of sexually attacked before the age of 25 and 40% of them are attacked before the age 18. On the whole, record says around 99% of the rapists are men and remaining 1% are females.

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