Top 10 Countries without Military Forces in the World

Armed forces in a certain country or territory are very important for the peace and order of the place. When there is a declaration of war, armed forces will be the protector of the people and the country itself as well. However, there are countries that do not have armed forces. Can you believe it so? Well then, here are 10 countries that don’t have their own armed forces:

10. Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

In 1893, the United Kingdom was the protector of this small country. In fact, during the World War II, the British defense forces were the ones who protected this country from the enemies. Nowadays, Solomon Islands is paying the Australian defense forces for the country’s protection.

9. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Jose Figueres Ferrer was the President of Costa Rica who forced to abolish the armed forces in the country. It happened on December 1, 1948. It was due to the civil war happened in Costa Rica that killed around 2,000 people. However, Costa Rica is under the protection of 21 countries since it’s a member of Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance of 1947.

8. Samoa


Ever since, Samoa has no armed forces. It only has Samoa Police Force, which is not enough when there is a declaration of war. They only rely on other countries that Samoa has developed friendship with. Such country can call New Zealand defense forces if there is war. It is under the two countries’ friendship treaty that is made in 1962.

7. Palau


In protecting the civilians, Palau National Police forces are there to handle the task. However, this country can do nothing during war times. It’s because they don’t have military forces or the so-called armed forces. They only rely on the defense forces of the United States.

6. Andorra


This small country only have Andorra National Police forces that are only made up of limited men. Even so, there are 3 protectors of this 181 sq. mi. country when there is war. These protectors are the NATO forces, armed forces of Frances, and armed forces of Spain.

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