Top 10 Deadliest Wars in World’s History

History is actually the significant happenings in the past that are still discussed in the present situation. Almost all of the things have their own history. Do you love history? If that is so, then you surely know enough information regarding wars that happened in the past. Here are the 10 deadliest wars ever in the history:

10. Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic wars happened in 1803 up to 1815. There was not only one war happened in this time, but a series of wars. These wars were between Napoleon’s French Empire and its opposing coalitions. The wars specifically happened in Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and in some parts in Europe.

9. Russian Civil War

Russian Civil War

This war happened when Russian provisional government was assumed by the Soviets. It was a war between Bolshevik and the former Russian Empire. The winner of such war was the Bolshevik party. Petrograd (St. Petersburg) was the one being assumed first by the Soviets. Later on, they took control all over Russia.

8. Dungan Revolt

Dungan Revolt

This war was actually no purpose at all. It was a war between several military leaders. A lot of people have this misconception that this war was against Qing Dynasty. The rebellion actually failed, and because of this, many Dungan people were forced to migrate in Kyrgyztan, Kazakhstan, and Imperial Russia. This war happened in China way back in 1862 up to 1877.

7. Conquests of Timur-e-Lang

Conquests of Timur-e-Lang

The conquest of Timur in restoring the Mongol Empire. The Islamized Tatar Golden Horde was his enemy in this war. He was clever enough in this war to the extent that he disguised as a ghazi. In fact, he was the very cause of the Ottoman Empire’s downfall. This war started in the year 1369 and concluded in 1405.

6. Qing Dynasty Conquest of the Ming Dynasty

Qing Dynasty Conquest of the Ming Dynasty

Starting from 1616, this war was done in the year 1662. This war took place in the historical country of China. This was the battle between the people of Qing Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty.

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