Top 10 Highest Paid Chinese Actresses 2015

Actresses of the Chinese film industry are regarded as some of the most beautiful and talented artists in the world, which is the reason why they command very high prices for their movies as well as TV appearances. They also enjoy huge fan following besides a lucrative careers.

Here is a list of 10 highest paid Chinese actresses in 2015:

10. Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun

Chinese actress Zhou Xun makes it on the list, with the annual income figure touching 15 million Yuan. The actress has been a part of several TV serials as well as commercials and she also owns a studio.

9. Shu Qi

Shu Qi

The next name to be included among the top 10 highest paid Chinese actresses in the world in 2015 is that of Shu Qi, who has earned 29 million Yuan this year. The young Taiwanese actress started her career with some erotic movies but has now emerged as a talented actress in the Chinese industry.

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8. Liu Xiaoqing

Liu Xiaoqing

With her annual income reaching a phenomenal figure of 32 million Yuan, actress Liu Xiaoquing makes it next on this list. She is a veteran actress who has been ruling hearts since the eighties and still is enjoying great popularity among all generations.

7. Ruby Lin

Ruby Lin

Ruby Lin is the Taiwan born actress, who made it big with the popular Chinese TV series “Princes Pearl” and she is still the reigning queen of the Chinese television industry. Her massive annual earnings of 45 million Yuan has earned her a place on this list.

6. Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei

Actress Zhao Wei makes it on number 6 spot on the list of world’s 10 highest paid actresses in 2015, with the annual income of 56 million Yuan this year. She became famous with a TV series called “Princess Pearl” and made it big in the Chinese film industry with her debut film called “So Young”.

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