Top Ten Highest Paid Football Managers 2015

Football is not only a game of strength and execution but also of planning and organizing. The person behind all of that is the manager. The credit of performance is often provided to the Football Managers. They are not very popular among the fans but also highly paid. Here are the Top 10 highest paid Football Managers in the world.

10. Jorge Jesus – Benfica FC

Jorge Jesus - Benfica FC

The manager of the legendary Portuguese football club has lived up to the reputation. He is employed for US 5 million dollar yearly payment and has taken his team twice into the finals of Europa League.

9. Manuel Pellegrini – Manchester City

Manuel Pellegrini - Manchester City

He is considered as the game changer for the club. Man City is one of the most prestigious clubs of the English Premier League. The club recruited Manuel in the 2012-13 season for yearly US 5.75 million dollars. He has led his team to win the English Premier League.

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8. Jurgen Klopp – Borussia Dortmund

Jurgen Klopp - Borussia Dortmund

The manager is known for his tactical moves and intelligent decisions on the ground. He has made a great influence in the German Bundesliga and won twice. He also took his team to the final of the UEFA Championship. He is paid US 6 million dollars per year.

7. Arsene Wenger – Arsenal

Arsene Wenger - Arsenal

He is one of the most consistent managers in the English Premier Leauge. He is paid US 10 million dollars per year. The manager has led his team to win the EPL and FA Cup Titles.

6. Carlo Ancelotti – Real Madrid

Carlo Ancelotti - Real Madrid

He is known for his quick decisions and that showed in the Copa Del Rey Final against Barcelona. He is paid US 10.5 million dollars yearly by the richest football club. He has taken his team to titles of UEFA Championship.

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