Top 10 Hottest WAGs of the NFL

The NFL is home not only to the best and fiercest football players in the land but also a hotbed of gorgeous ladies. This is simply because NFL players, because of their stature and popularity are literally and figuratively chick-magnets – as both loyal male fans and ardent female supporters rally around these prominent players for all sorts of reasons.

The term WAG refers to Wives and Girlfriends – a collective acronym for the wives and girlfriends of these NFL athletes. TRuth to tell, these wives and girlfriends have also gained a certain level of adoration and following from football fans themselves as they are appreciated for their looks, figure, personality, and for standing by their football player/partners.

This list dishes to you the top 10 most attractive wives and girlfriends of NFL players. Get ready to see some genuine eye candy! Are we all set?

10. Shenae Saifi

Shenae Saifi

Saifi is the real-life other half of all-pro NFL linebacker Patrick Willis. Many say that she actually tempers Willis who is known as one of the fiercest defense players in contemporary NFL history. Saifi is said to be one who brings out Willis’ soft side, even posting very saccharine messages for Willis on Twitter when the latter gave her a marriage proposal.

9. Sarah Hinton

Sarah Hinton

Hinton is the girlfriend of NFL 49’ers back-up tight end Garrett Celek who still remains relatively unknown in NFL history. This young player has shown a lot of potential in the field. However, he has not yet been given a generous amount of time and opportunity to showcase what he can do. Nevertheless, it is clear that his heart already has champion proudly owning it.

8. Samantha Ponder

Samantha Ponder

Ponder is the wife of Vikings 2011 draft Christian Ponder. Ponder is a high-profile player that was drafted by the Vikings and failed to truly showcase her potential as an NFL player. Nowadays, he is almost completely forgotten in the field except for the fact that he has a very beautiful wife and real-life partner – Samantha.

7. Miranda Brooke

Miranda Brooke

Brooke is the love of the life of Cincinnati’s A.J. Green. Green was drafted in the 2011 season of the NFL and is currently one of the team’s most competitive receivers. Brooke has also received her own dose of fame as she herself is an emerging rhythm and blues singer a la Beyonce. It is not something that is far-fetched as the woman truly has the talent and the looks to make it big.

6. Lauren Tannehill

Lauren Tannehill

Tannehill is the wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Lauren herself is a pretty accomplished woman. She has double degrees in psychology and Communications from A&M University in Texas. She has worked as a nurse and as a teacher before venturing into professional modeling. Her beautiful face and statuesque frame have graced many ramps and fashion magazines.

5. Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari

Cavallari is the wife of the Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The two are in an on and off kind of union which has so far managed to last as of this writing. Cavallari is a reality tv star herself, having been cast in the notorious reality tv show “Laguna Beach:The Real Orange County.” Her moviestar looks and her commanding screen presence has also earned for her a respectable following.

4. Kelly Hall

Kelly Hall

Hall is the real-life partner of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford. Hall has been photographed many times while watching her boyfriend playing on the field. The camera just simply loves her beautiful smile and her refreshing aura. She is also very active on social media – posting pictures and short videos.

3. Jessie James

Jessie James

James is the real-life partner of Denver Broncos’ player Eric Decker. They married just a few years ago. James is also a popular country singer and has an established career of her own aside from being the romantic interest of Decker – who in turn has not been doing very well in the NFL lately.

2. Erin Heatherton

Erin Heatherton

Heatherton is a familiar face in the fashion scene as she is a popular Victoria’s Secret angel. That being said, this incredible woman is currently in a relationship with an NFL player – Jordan Cameron, who plays for the Cleveland Browns.

1. Elise Pollard

Elise Pollard

The alluring and ravishing Elise Pollard is in a relationship with Seattle Seahawks’ Golden Tate. Pollard is a supermodel with a great academic record and perhaps one of the loveliest smiles this part of the world.

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