Top 10 Largest Islands around the World

The world showcases a great diversity in terms of geographical features, from mountains to plateaus, deserts, plains, beaches and islands. There are countless big and small islands around the world, which vary in size; some are big, others are small, some are inhabited, others are solitary.

Here are top 10 largest islands around the world:

10. Ellesmere Island, Canada

Ellesmere Island

The tenth largest island in the world, with a total area of 196235 sq km, is the Ellesmere Island in Canada, also the third largest in the country. However, it happens to be among least inhabited ones, with just 146 residents living here, as per 2006 census.

9. Great Britain, United Kingdom

Great Britain Island

Great Britain occupies the ninth position in the list of top 10 largest islands around the world, with a total area of 209331 sq km. It is the third most populous island in the world, right behind Java and Honshu and has nearly 62 million people residing on it. it is also the largest island in Europe.

8. Victoria Island, Canada

Victoria Island

The eighth largest island in the world is located in Canada and it is the Victoria Island, which covers an area of 217291 sq km, making it second largest island of Canada, right behind the Baffin Island. Located in north Canada, the island is a little bigger than the Great Britain in size, but has a very small population, which is merely that of 2000 inhabitants.

7. Honshu, Japan

Honshu Island

Honshu is the largest island of Japan and the seventh largest island of the world, measuring an area of 230500 sq km. Honshu is also considered as the most densely populated island in the country, with its population surpassing 103 million in 2005.

6. Sumatra, Indonesia

Sumatra Island

The sixth position on the list of top 10 largest islands around the world is occupied by Sumatra in Indonesia, which is also the largest island in Indonesia. The island is spread over an area of 473481 sq km and is home to a huge population, which was estimated to cross the 50 million mark in 2010.

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