Top 10 Most Adapted TV Shows in the World

Television programs do come and go but some remain in people’s memories for decades. Some are not just mare programs, but happen to be worldwide phenomenon. It is never a usual occurrence for TV shows to find success in many countries in their national versions. Let’s take a look some that have been outstanding and have widely adapted around the world.

10. The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race

This is a television show that exudes a lot of reality. It was first tested in the United States of America and immediately found success all over the world. This show is popular for it has been adapted into national and three continental versions. It premiered in 2001, the twenty fourth season is done and currently, the twenty fifth season is underway. In this show, 10 – 12 teams of two are put in a race around the world who travel to different countries to execute a given indigenous task.

9. The Apprentice

The Apprentice

This was one of the first reality television shows to give the contestants an opportunity to build a successful career in the cooperate this show, sixteen contestants fight each other in different tasks that greatly relate to hired by a business tycoons like Donald Trump , Robert Justus, Tony Fernandez, Martha steward and the likes. It was first aired in the states of America in 2004, thirteen seasons with Donald Trump a one season with Martha Steward. The show got the first pick for 20 national and three continental version.

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8. Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG-1

This was originally conceived by Ronald Emmerich and Dean Delvin as the 1994 sci-fi adventure film stargate. Since then, this film has blossomed into one of the most popular television shows of all times. Although Stargate SG-1 begun three years after the film had premiered, it still remains the best franchise has offered.

It happens one year after the events of the feature film and revolves around the elites of the United States air force special operation SG-1 taxed with exploring the galaxy via the stargate.

7. Popstars


This is an early television show that inspire a number of singing talents. This show is about individual contestants who sing with all the zeal in order to become part of new singing bands. It was first aired in New Zealand in 1999, and was updated by thirty eight countries to creat bands such as L5, Viva and Trubliss Excellence among others.

6. MasterChef


It’s a big cooking television show that provides the contestants with the opportunity to start their culinary career. The original version was started in the UK in 1990 had a lot of fun and ran up to 2001. It was later revived and was adapted by over fourthcountries and generated one pan- regionalvision.

5. Got Talent Series

Got Talent Series

This is a realty show that gives singers, dancers, performers and magicians the opportunity to show of talents and win prizes. It was first held in the US in 2006. Is has done nine seasons and has been adapted by over 50 countries.

4. Top Model Series

Top Model Series

It’s a fashion themed show that brought out the fashion industry’s work to the people. It was first aired in the US in 2006 and has since been adapted in more than 40 countries.

3. Idol Series

Idol Series

This could be voted the most popular singing reality of all times. It’s about several contestants who sing with an aim of becoming the idol and therefore the next big music sensation. Its first versionwas aired in the UK under the name pop idol and has since spread over 41 countries.

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2. Big Brother

Big Brother

It’s a uniquely themed TV show and has given rise to several spin-offs worldwide. It was originally aired in 1999 in Netherlands and since then, it has 52 different global versions.

1. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Who wants to be a Millionaire

This show gave people the hope to become millionaires. Here, the contestants answer a series of questions to become millionaires. It was first seen in Britain in 1998 and has been adapted by 35 countries.

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