Top 10 Most Amazing Species of Monkeys on Earth

 Among with hundreds of other animals, monkeys have its special importance. They are considered to be some sort of civilized and intelligent animals and they are our simian relatives as well. Monkeys are known to have 264 species in the world. Here are the 10 most amazing species of monkeys in the world.

Following below are listed the 10 most amazing species of monkeys:

1. François’ Langur

François’ Langur

Francois Langur is one of the most popular specie of monkeys in the world. Other popular names of this monkey is white side-burned black langur, Francois leaf monkey and Tonkin Leaf monkey. It belongs to the lutung group of monkeys. The unique features of this monkey are the sideburns that stretches from its ears to the cheeks and its stomach has four chambers. These monkeys can be found in China and Vietnam.

2. Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis Monkey

Found in the south-east Asian island of Borneo, Proboscis monkey are also known as the long-nosed monkey because of its pretty long nose and belong to the Old World Monkey. This reddish brown monkey have large bellies and long noses that is why they are often named as monyet belanda meaning “Dutch monkey” and orang belanda meaning “Dutchman” in Malay because the Dutch colonizers were also characterized by these specificities.

3. Red Shanked Douc

Red Shanked Douc

Belonging to the species of Old World Monkey, Red Shanked Douc are also known as the “costumed ape” because of its colorful and attractive appearance. Its legs are red with a finishing of black feet and forearms are white black hands. Its face is golden with powder blue eye lids.

4. Baboon


Large species of monkeys belonging to the family of Old World Monkeys are found in central Africa and Arabia. These monkeys are some of the largest among monkeys with the smallest one being 50 cm long and weighing 14 kg while the largest baboon can be 120 cm long and weighing 40 kg.

5. Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

Golden Snub-Nosed Monkey

Another Old World Monkey belonging to the subfamily of Colobinae, golden snub-nosed monkeys are widely distributed in China and the Chinese names of this monkeys are Sichuan snub-nosed monkey and Sichuan golden hair monkey.

6. Orangutan


This reddish brown monkey found exclusively in Asian forests, Orangutan belongs to the species of extant great apes and are native to Malaysia and Indonesia. They are specifically found in the forests of Sumatra and Borneo. They have thin, reddish brown hair on body but have strong arms and hands.

7. White-headed Langur

White-headed Langur

One of the 25 most endangered primates, white headed langur are only left less than 70 in the world today. They are also popularly known by the names Cat Ba langur or golden headed langur. Their specie is declined about 80% from the last few generations.

8. The Gelada Monkeys

The Gelada Monkeys

Also known as the Gelada baboon and the bleeding heart baboon because of its appearance, Gelada monkeys belong to the species of Old World Monkey which is found only in the Ethiopian Highlands. Like baboons, Gelada monkeys love to spend its time in grasslands.

9. Japanese Macaque

Japanese Macaque

Native to Japan, Macaque monkeys love to live in the areas where snow covers the ground for months. These monkeys belong to the specie of Old World Monkeys and are also known as Nihonzaru in Japanese.

10. Dusky Leaf Monkey

Dusky Leaf Monkey

The Dusky Leaf Monkey belongs to the family of Cercopithecidae and is a primitive specie. They are really cute spectacled monkey with blow dry hair and found basically in the forests of Thailand, Malaysia and Burma. There are also different species of this lutung.

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