Top 10 Most Beautiful and Strange Flowers

Flowers are an exceptional wonder of nature. Its bright shades, as well as distinctive shapes, make it look more beautiful. When a depressed person looks at the flowers, he feels very relax and calm. The flowers are not only a decorative thing but it also yields fruits and seeds for reproduction process. The maximum breeds of flowers possess both male as well as female parts.

Besides the other useful purposes, some flowers are beautiful as well as strange also. Following is the list of the top 10 beautiful and strange flowers in the world:

10. Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

It is the tenth strangest flower that we found on earth. This flower, particularly in the form of the bud, strangely bears a resemblance to the conventional outline of the heart with an e-dewdrop underneath. Due to the above reason, this flower got the name of a bleeding heart. Its external petals are bright rose-pink in shade. These flowers are mostly found in Siberia, Korea, Japan and northern China.

9. Parrot Flower

Parrot Flower

Another flower which is strangest is a Parrot Flower. These are purple and rich deep red in colour. At the time of viewing this flower from the sides, it seems that it resembles a parrot in an aircraft. This exceptional flower originates in Thailand, parts of India and Burma.

8. Ballerina Orchid

Ballerina Orchid

Next strange flower in the list isBallerina Orchid. These flowers are basically of cream colour along with the reddish-purple mark. Its petals, as well as sepals, have shady small hair outgrowth. In a compose form, the flower appears like the white bell shaped costume holding an elegant ballet pose.

7. Duck Orchid

Duck Orchid

A Duck Orchidflower is normally denoted as the name Caleana because its central petal just looks like a duck in the air along with its wings elevated high. The lip of the flower appears to be a jaw of a duck. Its colour is rosy brown along with the greenish shady spots. Overall, the flower looks very weird.

6. Snapdragon and its Skull

Snapdragon and its Skull

The next flower in the list is the dragon flower or snapdragon. It’s lovely flower leaves/petals give the imprint of the face of a dragon because when we squeeze the flower, it opens and close its mouth like a dragon. However, when the petals become weak and start falling, then only seed shell is left which also resembles like a skull.

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 5. Dove Orchid/Holy Ghost Orchid

Dove Orchid/Holy Ghost Orchid

It is one of the peaceful looking flowers in flower species. Peristeria is a type of an Orchid which is usually found in South America, Costa Rica, Panama and Trinidad region. The name of this flower is because of its structure. A hidden dove like structure is displayed inside the pure white colour flower.

4. Naked Man Orchid

Naked Man Orchid

It normally grows in large numbers in the Mediterranean region. It is also referred as Italian Orchid. The petals of this astonishing flower look like a naked man. The colour of the flower is the combination of both white and bright pink in colour and densely clustered. These abnormally and strange flower makes the plant very popular in its flower species.

3. Monkey Orchid

Monkey Orchid

It is also known as monkey-live Dracula. It is one of the rarest species of an orchid type which normally found in south-eastern parts of Peru and Ecuador having cloud forest area. It is called monkey live Dracula because the flowers of this plant show an uneven arrangement of the column, petals, and lip which strongly resemble with the monkey face. The fragrance of this flower is like the ripe orange.

2. Hooker’s Lips

Hooker’s Lips

It is also known as Kissing Lip plant and one of the genuine plant. Normally, it found in the tropical region of Southern and Central Africa region where rainforests are present. The bract which is waxy in nature is a special and modified type of leaf linked with the flower. It shaped like moist lips of a woman complete sharp cupid bow. It is usually bright red in colour and star-shaped flower comes out from the centre of the bract.

1. Swaddled Babies

Swaddled Babies

The most fabulous characteristic of this category of the plant is the flowers which are very big in size, little waxy and creamy-white in colour. Look wise it is having very complicated shape, and after a definite stage of open, it looks like a wrapping baby in a cloth. Every single flower of this plant is blossom from a new stem and from the pseudobulbs base.

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