TOP 10 Most Beautiful WWE Female Wrestlers of All Time

Wrestling is basically a male sport or spectacle. Agree? If yes, then you are very wrong.

Many readers who are new to wrestling know that this sport is solely associated with men. But not too many people know that in the last decade or so, a number of female wrestling superstars have also emerged on the ring, thus earning many fans and admirers not only for their wrestling prowess but also for their physical beauty. They are known as wrestling divas, beautiful women who have chosen wrestling as their sport and their ultimate means of livelihood. This is very strange but also very true, eh?

This list dishes the top 10 most beautiful female wrestlers of all time. If you are a true wrestling fan, then keep reading to see of your favorite female wrestler made it to this list. Are you ready to rumble?

10. Jacqueline Delois Moore

Jacqueline Delois Moore

Moore is an icon of sorts in the world of wrestling. She started playing the sport in 1989, and has won championships and accolades over the years. She formed the group “Pretty Mean Girls” together with 2 more female wrestlers. She is the first woman wrestler to be declared champion in the cruiserweight category.

9. Judy Grable

Judy Grable

Judy Grable was active in wrestling at a time when the sport was still in its infancy and was virtually unknown in the female category. Starting out in 1953 and retiring in 1966, she earned the moniker “The Barefoot Contessa” because she wrestled without wearing any shoes. She is also said to be the female luminary who trail blazed wrestling among women.

8. Chyna


Chyna is considered as an icon and a superstar in the contemporary female wrestling scene. She has won a few championships and held that crown for more than 200 days back in the early 2000’s. She was also once one of the highest paid female wrestlers in the history of this spectacular sport.

7. The Fabulous Moolah

The Fabulous Moolah

The Fabulous Moolah lived during the time of Judy Grable. She was a champion female wrestler for 4 years back in the late 50’s. Her skills in wrestling has earned her a huge following, and she was inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame just several years ago. She is also dubbed as one of the greatest female wrestlers in history.

6. Alundra Blayze

Alundra Blayze

Blayze had her heyday as a superstar female wrestlers in the 80’s and during the 90’s. She is admired for her sheer strength and for winning the championship for three consecutive years in 1993, 1994, and in 1995. She also spread love for the sport, even launching the careers of several female wrestlers who went after her.

5. Molly Holly

Molly Holly

Holly earned fame not only for her superb skills in wrestling but also for her natural beauty and fierce but sweet persona. She won the championship in 2002 and 2003. Her career in wrestling was actually less than a decade. However, her short reign was more than enough for her to gain worldwide recognition and admiration from many wrestling fans.

4. Ivory


Her real name is Lisa Marie Moretti in real life but everyone familiar with the world of wrestling knows her by her short moniker. She started her wrestling career in 1986 and retired 20 years after. Those two decades of wrestling proved to be very rewarding for her – as she won two championships and became very famous in the wrestling world.

3. Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler

At first glance, Keibler actually looks more like a model or a beauty queen with her statuesque 5’11 frame, her beautiful and charming face, and her sweet personality. However, Keibler is known as a lioness on the wrestling ring. It should also be noted that she had a romantic relationship with actor George Clooney.

2. Lita


One of the female wrestlers who was also gifted with a very beautiful face, Lita won the female wrestling championship twice in the 2000’s. She started her career in 1999 and still plays occasionally to this very day.

1. Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus

Stratus is undoubtedly the most famous and the most awarded female wrestler in history, having won the female championship a record 7 times. This record remains unbeaten even to this day. She is indeed, truly the one female to beat!

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