Top 10 Most Bizarre Festivals Around the World 2018

Some of the interesting things that millions of people are rooting for are the various festivals. Every festival held in the world should be festive enough and must be enjoyed not only by the locals, but foreign visitors as well. These festivals may be celebrated in order to give honor to someone or something. The big question is, are you one of those people in the world who love witnessing extremely unique festivals? In that case, here are 10 most bizarre festivals the world has to offer:

10. Pamplona Bull Run

Pamplona Bull Run

This is a festival in which ferocious bulls are going to be released, and these bulls will chase down the participating men. Such festival is celebrated in the city of Pamplona in the beautiful country of Spain. Spanish people have great respect towards bulls. What made Pamplona Bull Run a bizarre festival is the fact that it becomes a tradition even though many men died and got injured from it.

9. Testicle Festival

Testicle Festival

It may be weird to hear, but there are different testicle festivals held every year in several regions in the world. Obviously, the main stars of the festival are the testicles of different animals that should be consumed by the participating people. Most of the time, these testicles are fried or battered. A good example is the Turkey Testicle Festival held in Illinois, California, Montana, and Missouri.

8. Roswell UFO Festival

Roswell UFO Festival

This festival came into existence after the UFO incident in the city of Roswell in the US state of New Mexico. An extra terrestrial spacecraft crashed in the remote part of the city on July 1947. People in Roswell strongly believed that aliens are the passengers of the UFO, despite the fact that the Roswell Army Air Field declared that it was just a weather balloon.

7. Hadaka Matsuri

Hadaka Matsuri

This Japanese festival features almost naked men, this is the main reason why it is also called Naked Festival. The small amount of clothing used to cover the private parts of Japanese men is called Fundoshi, a kind of Japanese loincloth. Most of the time, naked festivals take place every winter or summer. The origin of this festival is the Saidai-ji Eyo Hadaka Matsuri that’s yearly held in Okayama, particularly in Saidaiji Temple.

6. Festa del Cornuto

Festa del Cornuto

In English, it is called the “Festival of the Horns”. This festival is yearly celebrated in a particular city near Rome. The city is known as Rocca Canterano. Basing on the culture of Italian people, the horns are the men who have been cheated on by their wives or partners. Hence, the festival is actually done in order to sympathize to those cheated men. These men are called “Cornuto” in Italian term.

5. El Salto del Colacho

El Salto del Colacho

Baby Jumping Festival is what it means in English. This is another bizarre festival that yearly happens in the beautiful country of Spain, particularly in Burgos Province. This festival has long been celebrated since the year 1621. The main event of this festival is the jumping over babies that are lying on the mattress on the street. The ones who will jump are those men that have devil costumes.

4. Cat Food Festival

Cat Food Festival

This festival is held in an annual basis in Canete Province in Lima Region, Peru. Yes, this is a Peruvian activity that has its main significance, which is to remember the day when Santa Ifigenia sacrificed 50 cats just for a protective black magic. It happens every September. What makes it weird is the eating of the cat meat that is cooked, of course.

3. Monkey Buffet Festival

Monkey Buffet Festival

This yearly festival held in Thailand attracts a lot of local and foreign tourists. The main part of this event is the consumption of Lopburi monkeys to a considerable amount of food items that are monkey-friendly. Lopburi monkeys are known to be good-luck monkeys in Thailand.

2. Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake

Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake

This is an annual festival held in England, particularly in the Spring Bank Holiday. The perfect setting for this event is the Cooper’s Hill. The main event here is the chasing of the Double Gloucester cheese that is rolled from the top towards the bottom part of the hill.

1. Kanamara Matsuri

Kanamara Matsuri

This festival is extremely famous in Japan, and it takes place yearly in Kawasaki. What makes it bizarre is the fact that the main theme here is all about penis. In fact, a penis image will be displayed anywhere during the festival.

These are the 10 most bizarre festivals the world has to offer. Their bizarreness will surely stir your interests.

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