Top 10 Highly Dangerous Jobs in the World Today

People need to find a job in order to earn a living. There are a lot of jobs you can find all over the world. You just have to persevere in searching. In this regard, here are the top 10 highly dangerous jobs nowadays:

10. Painter


Painter is the one in-charged in putting some colors to the walls of residential and commercial establishments. What is very dangerous about this job is you need to climb to higher areas so that you can paint everything. With this, cases of falls and injuries may occur.

9. Bodyguard


A bodyguard is tasked to protect a certain person. Usually, bodyguards work to the wealthy and famous individuals such as celebrities, politicians, and businessmen. The fact that you will act as a shield when there are people who want to kidnap or kill them is absolutely dangerous.

8. Miner


Miners are those people who excavate deep down any specific land area in order to get mines such as gold. It is a very dangerous job since you will be exposed in Silica, a dust which can cause some health problems like Potter’s rot and silicosis.

7. Construction Site Foreman

Construction Site Foreman

Being a foreman in a construction site is not easy. Remember, constructions sites can pose so much danger to any workers like a foreman. You have to climb to higher areas just to make sure that the streamlining of the constructed building is in the right positions. Moreover, you will be exposed to harmful chemicals and particles like dust.

6. Logger


Loggers are normally exposed to dangers coming from the environment or from the logging job itself. Since loggers need to go to the forests and cut some timbers, the ever changing weather conditions may harm them. They can also be wounded accidentally by their chainsaws. Or worse, cut some of their body parts unintentionally.

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