Top 10 Most Disgusting Food That You Should Try

Are you a foodie?

It is very interesting how diverse food is in many parts of the world. Across six continents and two hundred nations and territories, cuisines vary wildly. What seems to be a precious delicacy in some countries might actually be taboo in other countries. What could be called staple food in one country could probably be taken for granted in other countries.

The world is really a very big place when it comes to food. But is your palate as adventurous and as willing to try some really eccentric delicacies?

This list will give you information on 10 of the most interesting yet bizarre delicacies in the world. We challenge you to try them and earn kudos for your sheer courage. Ready?

10. Balut


Balut is a native delicacy that is found in Southeast Asia – particularly the Philippines and some parts of Vietnam. It is a duck embryo that looks like a normal hard-boiled egg. Crack it and it will reveal the duck embryo, some feathers, and a yellowish placenta where the embryo is attached. Since the egg was carefully boiled, it can get quite soupy, too. Yummy!?!?

9. Pacha/Smalahove


Popular in Iraq, parts of the Mediterranean, and Scandinavian countries like Norway, this cuisine features an entire head of a sheep, boiled and cooked such that one slowly eats the face. It then reveals the bones, eyes, tongue, and brain of the sheep as you much the delicacy. Talk about eating something that is actually looking at you!

8. Sannakji


Sannakji is a dish that is eaten in East Asia – particularly in Korea and In Japan. It is basically uncooked seafood with some sprinkling of sesame oil and sesame seeds. Take note: the seafood is alive! The most famous type would either be baby octopus or baby squid. The octopus especially still has tentacles moving as you munch it in your mouth, through your teeth, and down your throat!

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7. Milt


Milt is basically male fish genitalia with sperm intact. It is a delicacy that is eaten across Europe and is widely appreciated in the high-end European culinary scene. The milt may be pickled, fried, or mixed with pasta and various kinds of salads. Only the freshest fish are used to serve milt and the price is usually quite expensive.

6. Prairie Oyster

Prairie Oyster

Of you think that you are actually eating oysters, you better think again! Prairie oyster is actually the testicle of bulls – a delicacy in North America, particularly Canada and parts of rural United States. The testicles are usually deep fried and served with potatoes, beans, or bread. Cow penis is also fried and served in many restaurants in North America.

5. Hasma


Chinese cuisine is really fascinating. They not only use their meats as appetizers or as main courses, they also appear in desserts. Hasma is actually frog legs that is dried and then watered so that they become elongated. Various fruits and sweeteners are added to the frog legs and they are served in top Chinese restaurants as dessert.

4. Bat Paste and Soup

Bat Paste and Soup

This completely adventurous dish features an entire bat submerged and softened in boiling water that will act like broth or soup. Then, various herbs and pastes are added to make the delicacy more palatable and tasty. This delicacy is popular in Thailand and in some Pacific island nations. The bat appears whole and soft as it is served to you. Enjoy?!?!

3. Blood Stew

Blood Stew

Pork is well-loved in the Philippines, and every part of the pig is actually consumed and eaten – including pig blood. Pork blood stew involves pork cutlets cooked and simmered with pork blood and vinegar. The delicacy is best eaten with rice and some condiments such as fish sauce and some chilli peppers. In Ireland, an oatmeal cookie called black pudding also uses pork blood to make cakes and cookies.

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2. ChouDofu


Tofu is considered a staple food in East Asia and Southeast Asia. It is basically Chinese in origin. What many people do not like about how this dish is made is its stink due to the fermentation of the tofu.

1. Casu Marzu

Casu Marzu

In Sardinia, Italy, a kind of cheese is eaten by the people – one that has jumping maggots inside. A native delicacy, doctors have warned people against eating this delicacy – as maggots can survive in the stomach and possibly infect the human body.

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